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Original Creation

Blue Ocean Tide

Kaylee 14 Jan 2022

Tried another ocean scene from a photo I found online. I have been challenged most by angling the waves for some different perspectives of the wave crashing. They end up taller than planned most times as well šŸ˜‚ I have watched a lot of different waves tutorials, but if anyone can make some suggestions or know of some wave experts, I would just love you to share! Thanks in advance!



Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Those waves are indeed special, great technique used there.
The two birds are awesome!!

Perhaps Sunnylady might be a help, she knows a lot about waves!

Kylee, it is a great seascape. I cannot recommend any tutorials in English. I follow Russian speaking artist Dmitry Roza. He has free tutorials of few hours length and a wonderful video operator who shows details of work. Let me share few links in next message and if you get interested I will translate his paints and mediums. If you scroll to my seascapes - few of them already have descriptions of paints and links.

Here is the link to the channel:

After thinking a little bit - 'The Joy of Painting' S5E9 "Anatomy of a Wave"
where Bob's good friend Joyce Ortner shows us how to paint a beautiful seascape. She passed away in 2015 (RIP). and here is a link to get her DVDs lessons:

Thank you so much! I will absolutely watch them, Iā€™m sure I can still pick up some context along the way. I actually watch Bob and Bill often on mute just to follow their movements and and techniques! Absolutely wonderful, thank you so much.

Also thank you for the tip Voy Kay! I have been infatuated by waves lately and after studying this one as it dries I see some things I would so differently. I am certain Joyce has the answers in the episode SunnyLady added. She talks about the baseline, the dark line at the bottom of the wave, and the translucent part. I might try this one again with these new ideas in mind!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Always a pleasure to help somebody Kaylee.
Keep dazzling us!! šŸ˜Š

I am sure you will be able to catch things on mute. I saw your website and you have enough experience to follow any tutorial on mute. Let me know if you need any help with D.Roza. His techniques uses very creamy paints.
One important thing that immediately will affect the seascape - foam is never pure titanium white and it has quite a lot of shadows. If you nail values of foam, you have a successful seascape.

Thank you!! I was really thinking it was a little bright with the foam and that point is well noted SunnyLady, I watched a video by Dmitri and wow spot on with the creamy colors, he does fantastic work! I think I have picked out a painting to do with him pretty soon. It looks like he uses a dry canvas and mixes the medium with the paints, am I right in assuming this from context? I caught a bunch of little tricks that I surely will use, I am very excited.

Yes, absolutely correct: his medium: Triple solvent (Tee) = dammar varnish+turpentine+linseed oil (equal parts of everything).
Let me list colors he has from left to right.
Titanium white
Cad yellow
Cad orange (PO 20)
Alizarin crimson, he uses PR 146, but closest I saw is PR 177. Probably some quinacridones will be good too.
Phtalo blue
Phtalo green
Indigo (Prussian/Phtalo blue plus any black color)
Burnt umber
Special brown red. With pigment PR101. Winsor newton Burnt sienna works well as it is made of this pigment.

If you dont have dammar varnish you can take double solvent as linseed STAND oil and mix it with paint thinner: More oil (maybe 60-70 %) Double solvent makes blending harder but it is possible still.

In case of triple solvent you need to use turpentine to clean brushes after due to reason that dammar resin dissolves only in turpentine. It dries quite fast and next day brush will be stiff. rinse in turpentine or let it sit for 30 min and more and it is ready to be reused again. He uses synthetic brush as major brush. Paint is very creamy.

Yes, canvas is dry.

Well I gave one Dmitry video a go and will be updating it soon! It was a real challenge, but Iā€™m pretty excited! Not all of my colors or mediums were exact but I made it work!!

Congratulations! Looking forward to see it!

Sorry I followed your discussion and was wondering you know the automatic translate option in Youtube, Activate the subscription and change in settings the automatic translation to english. But maybe you are already familiar with this.

I did once closed captions for Youtube video to help one of the artist and I had to translate , so owner of the video can allow this translation to English for 20 min video it took me 3 hours.

I have not heard about automatic translation, and next time I will try it when I get a chance as I don't have subscription now.

Thanks a lot Joha!

Sorry I meant subtitles, not subscription. Activate subtitles and then goto settings and choose the language for automatic translation.

Thanks for clarifying!

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