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Bob Ross Workshop - Trees

LCLeonard 17 Feb 2021

I uploaded this because I need some tips. I am going through the Bob Ross 3-hour workshop so I can work on certain areas I struggle with, mainly foliage. I am having a real issue with blending and highlights. The colors become muddy and just blend together when I add highlights, and I am stuck on how to fix this.

I went on YouTube and watched a few videos addressing this, but it’s more confusing now. Some say you need to go thin to thick (thinned paint in the background, getting thicker as you move forward). But Bob says thin sticks to thick. So which is it?

This part has been a nightmare for me and is the hardest part of painting thus far, so any help would be greatly appreciated.



Bob starts with dry and thick paint. Highlights are done with paint mixed with thinner or liquid white. You can try to use not too much paint in the background colour (dark) and put the highlight colour on the top of the hairs from the brush, don't push too hard on the canvas, starts at the top of the background colour or just something above it. Hope this wil help a little bit?

This does give me some good guidance! I think I do load the brush up a little much, so maybe just very light touches. I could probably stand to lay off on the amount across the board. Do you know if the thick to thin method bob uses is due to the liquid white?

Main goal for the liquid white is to get better mixing of colours. Beside that you can use it to get thinner paint.

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