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Original Creation

Girl with a Pearl Earring

Lilikins 01 Apr 2021

Oil painting by Dutch Golden Age painter Johannes Vermeer 1665. Fun fact: Vermeer did not give the pearl a hook to hang from her ear. Also it’s a bit of an illusion because he only painted highlights on the pearl rather than painting a full circle.

Oh boy was this a challenge. Probably the most difficult painting to date. Her face was a true struggle. I’ve never painted a person before and discovered that portrait painting is HARD. I struggled with everything - creating flesh tones, the eyes, the lips, and the nose...oh her nose. Poor thing had probably 10 nose jobs before I just called it a day. She went through some truly terrifying stages before ending up where she’s at. Outline drawn with a white chalk pencil and painted in acrylics.



wow.....impressive!!!!! Maybe you should do more portraits.

Great work on this! I almost fell over when I saw your post as I have selected this same work for the event. I’ve drawn it out and ready to under paint with acrylic before applying the oils. Your comments about the difficulty are a bit scary as I’ve never painted a person either. I don’t know how many nose jobs I’ll have to give her, but if it’s too bad I’ll just put a mask on her 🤣
This truly is great for your first and I’d be quite pleased with such a success.

Lol thanks toadi but I think this one portrait is enough for me.

ForestVueGallery - I think it will look very nice with oil over the acrylic. Anytime you think yours isn’t going well just look at my in progress shots...just don’t do it before going to sleep. That terrifying face will keep you up all night 🤣

Wow, fantastic.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Lilikens, you painted Scarlett Johansson before her nose job!

Naah, just kidding, you painted an amazing creation here! What I most adore are the brighter colours/values used, it realy works on this portrait.
You have the gift girl!! AND my vote!

Felix Creator of

Extremely well done! Wouldn't surprise me if you collect another gold framed badge

Thanks everyone! Haha my girl wishes she looks as good as Scarlett - heck we all wish we looked that good 😂

Thanks for the challenges Felix! Considering how she started out looking like a haunted house fixture I’m pretty happy with how she turned out. Did you all know that you make flesh tones by mixing red blue and yellow and adding white as needed? I had no clue! Mind = blown.

I’ll make sure to steer clear of evening work. I feel like her eyes on a printed copy follow me around the room as it is 😳

Wow, beautiful portrait work!

I don't know how to paint portraits or skin tones Lilikins but what you have done here is what I call alabaster, sort of peachy-pink and chalky. Very nice, and a vote from me.

Fantastic painting. Very well done.

Thanks for the positive comments jojo TLP and LJM!

TLP I didn’t know how to do portraits or create skin tone either and I now have even more respect for good portrait painters than I did before. The guides I read all used red, blue, yellow and sometimes brown mixed in with white until you reach the shade desired. It sounded like a bizarre combination until I tried it but it really works! Much better than just the white/red/yellow combo that I initially thought would work. You can see the in progress scary shot that it did not resemble human skin tones at all lol

Fantastic painting! A lot off hard work in it! I am speechless on how she turned out! Beautiful painting and a lot of knowledge acquired!

Thank you sunny lady! Yes - I feel like with each painting I learn a little more.

Congrats ! I love this painting.

Congrats with first getting in top 3! Well deserved Lillikins!

Oh wow thanks everyone! I am going to have to brag to my husband. He called my poor girl creepy. I’m glad others like her :)

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Woohoo, Scarlett won the Oscar! 😄

Congratulations Lilikens!!

Haha yes she did! Thanks Voy Kay!

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