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Original Creation

Santa Ozzybear

Lilikins 05 Dec 2020

A Christmas present for my husband. Our kitty ozzybear passed away 2 years ago right before Christmas at the age of 9 due to cancer. He was my husbands little shadow and loved him more than anything. This was a really hard one for me. Even 2 years later it’s hard to see his face.

The background was created using an airbrush (early Christmas present from hubby). I was trying to go for a bokeh effect for the Christmas lights.



Thank you Lilikins - a really lovely and sentimental picture full of love. Great effects and full of emotion.

Oh goodness Lilikins. You nailed this one. I don’t know why you were ever worried about painting animals lol. I’m ready to commission you for my trio!

Thanks you two! I did a lot of research and practice because I really wanted to get this right.

Beautifully done and a memory to be cherished. I completely understand.

Thank you forestvuegallery. He was truly a special boy and the smartest cat I’ve ever encountered.

lightsnow Community Helper

This is really beautiful. I'm sure your husband will be very pleased. Our beloved Rottweiler died 2 years ago. 2 days ago was actually the 2 year anniversary. It's truly incredible how much we can love our pets. They are veritable members of our families. This is a wonderful memory and you have captured the essence of your kitty very well with this painting! He looks a lot like my black and white cat!

Thanks Tom thanks lightsnow! I decided to give him the painting early since I don’t really have a good place to hide it. He loved it 🥰

This is adorable. Reminds me of when my kitty climbed up inside the Christmas tree and sat there looking out. I had to laugh.

Haha thanks TLP! That’s what I was going for! He and his sister climbed up the tree when they were kittens. I didn’t even know he was there until I heard a little meow just a few inches from my ear as I was hanging up decorations. He scared the crap out of me! He was in his cat tree in the original photo but I thought I would look cuter if he was in a Christmas tree :)

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Stunning painting Lilikens! I was not fast enough to reply to you for any advice but I truly believe you never needed any!$
It is an absolute beauty and you have my vote!!

Thanks Voy Kay! I’ll have a different one I can use your advise on in a week or so ☺️

Wow, this is really good and also a very funny painting, full of details!

Thank you madame mouton :) I loved your kitty painting so much so I’m glad you also like mine!

Omg SO cute! You did a great job!

outstanding !! You did it very well, I am fascinated, congratulations

Hi - did you read my request to allow the Hospices to use your work all year round rather than just for Christmas cards as, due to the Covid-19 epidemic, they were unable to create the website in time? Can you let me know if you agree to the changes or I cannot use your work without your permission.

Many thanks - Colin

Felix Creator of

Congratulations on getting top 3!

Congratulations on getting top 3! Well deserved!

Oh wow! Gosh thank you you all so much! I’m so honored. Everyone did such an amazing job.

Colin yes of course feel free to use this for the hospice year round :)

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

I knew my vote would've helped! 😋😊
Absolutely merited, your top 3 award!!

Pietro1963 Master of Monsters

nice kitty

Amazing painting! The eyes of the cat and the xmas lights are so great!

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