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Original Creation

Long Island sound at sunset

Lzicchinella 21 Feb 2021

Someone asked me to paint this picture from a picture they gave me. It’s on 18x24 and hope I did it justice. It seemed simple but the simplicity made it difficult in the end! I enjoyed trying this one out.



This is amazing! I like delicate lighting

Incredibly beautiful painting! Colors and mood are matching photo perfect! This is awesome! The sky and distant valley look amazing!

So pretty!

I am here again - wonderful painting! Love the calm of the winter evening here and that distance that opens in front!

Thank you sunny lady! I actually touched this up further to deepen some colors but I can’t seem to upload the new picture. I think it made a big difference though! Thanks always for the kind words!

I just got the new picture to upload!

I see the difference, blue colors certainly got brighter!

I learnt new thing this week that i want to remember and be cautions about - soft edges for distant objects. It turned I used soft edge in my dream bay, but I did not exploit it fully.
I soften up horizon but I did not soften most distant mountain. It seems that second painting has more defined horizon line and it feels it lost a bit that distance you had before. it could be that camera made something up as well and I am probably wrong.

@sunnylady - you are so so observant to notice the horizon line. Sometimes I post my unfinished painting to other Facebook groups and people make comments. I think someone wanted me to darken the water by horizon line....I agree that I probably lost some of my distance by doing this....but was just trying a different adjustment. Sometimes too many critiques can drive you crazy and you second guess things!!! I should trust my initial instincts!

You are absolutely right. Trust your instinct and check what your favorite artists did to resolve the same problem. The best if you can see in museum and analyze, but also read about the favorite artists life. I admire you post on FB! Very brave and I think it grows thick skin to criticism.

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