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Original Creation

A little Sunshine

Mrs C 17 Feb 2021

I pained on a canvas board using oils using wet on wet, it was quite difficult with no guide on how to and this is only my 10th painting. The wet dried so fast which posed a challenge in its self and the courts were getting smudgy. Then my ipad where I have the photo battery died and I was then trying to use my phone for reference.
It was fun and quite a challenge.
The photo I took this from was a work colleague and I asked if I could use his photos to paint from.
The photo ws taken in Capel in Surrey, UK on top of the cliffs by the war memorial.
I used this image as its simple yet beautiful.
I met the criteria as I used a photos as reference but it doesn't really look too much like it, but I am pleased with how it came out.



A good effort Mrs C, if i may offer some constructive criticism you will see in the photograph how the sun rays are transparent where yours are opaque. If your canvas is still wet it's certainly worth revisiting with a thinner paint and a lighter touch as the overall composition looks great.

Thanks Tel, yes I knew they weren’t quite right, the paint was getting sticky and it wasn’t thinning right, actually the canvas wasn’t very big either as I used a board. I’m sure if I had the paint dried then I could have used super thin over the top like int he Br one with the gesso trees, then liquid clear with the sun coming through the trees, but I had no idea on how to do this really, I did try to thin them and bit and it started going bad, so I made the best of it to finish it.
Did you decide to be brave and have a go and submit something?
I saw your comment on the forum but hoped you’d have a go too, you still have a few days?

I will look through my portfolio but i doubt anything of mine would fit the category super realism

@tel, it’s not super realism, it’s just something you painted from a photo, it doesn’t have to be photo realistic as Felix said in his post on the forum. bad.

Great job with color matching. I once had a problem with paint soaking into a canvas board and found that two coats of gesso stopped the absorption.

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