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Original Creation

Floating Tori Gate

NickReynolds 16 Mar 2023

I wanted to push myself to really create something dramatic and impressionistic with this painting. It's based on a photo of the Miyajima Tori Gate. My perspective is not quite right, so I definitely should have sketched out the structure first.



Looks very dramatic and impressionistic so I think you achieved your goal! I really like it!

this is so freaking cool! I don't know if you are a Zelda fan, but it reminds me of my fave scene from Ocarina of Time where you fight Dark Link. Which is something I've wanted to paint for a while. Is this done with the palette knife?

Love this, looks a little like a Hachiman torii but with artistic license. Really loving the mood created here, I'd love this on my dojo wall. yokudekimashita! 👊

@Shadowlink11 You know what, I think you're right about it being reminiscent of that part of Ocarina of Time. And yes it is painted predominately with the knife. I just blocked in the basic colors with the 2" brush and the rest is knife work.

I would say you hit very nicely on impressionistic. I think this came out really cool..

@Nivek1971 Arigatou gozaimasu! What's this about a dojo? Are you a martial arts practitioner yourself?

This is so beautiful Nick! One of my fav of yours for sure!

It is beautiful and impressionistic indeed. I think that no issues with perspective are obvious due to dynamics of the paint and looseness of it. Great design!

flippergirlpaints Top Event Submitter

Very cool! I really like the knife use to create this.

Hi Nick, yes I've been practicing Shukokai karate and Aikido with a little Ju-Jitsu for over 20 years now 🥋👊

@Nivek1971 Wow that's quite the span of time! I took up my first martial art about six weeks ago with Brazilian Ju Jitsu.

You enjoying it? Ours is a very traditional club, Sensei has been to Okinawa and brought a lot back. No frills just hard graft the Japanese way. 👊

It's quite fun and I really need the physical activity to stay regulated. The people at this gym have a reputation for being pretty formidable at competitions, so I'm fairly confident that I'm learning practical techniques.

Also of note, I've put on a shocking amount of muscle in these six weeks. It makes sense that grappling would be a great form of strength training, but I didn't expect to see something like a 25% increase in the size of my arms when I already had some decent muscles from casual weight-lifting.

You certainly use muscles that you didn't know you had but the more you train the more you will realise it's less about muscle and more about technique. I was a 16st gym shark when I started in 2000, I though I was super fit but how wrong I was! Now I'm 50+ but can still throw up to 1000 punches a lesson, couldn't manage 100 when I first started. Enjoy your martial arts journey, if you are like me then it will be a lifestyle and not a weekly lesson 👊

Very striking and dramatic. I love the rough textures.

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