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Original Creation

Sea Gulls Perched On The Beach

Pietro1963 18 Nov 2020

some gulls perch near the shore.Looking for a tasty snack.They know food wiil be scarce as the cold season approaches.Summer a memory now.Fall slowly turns into winter.The gulls will fly on...I hope you enjoy.Cheers.P



Always impressed when anybody paints birds, something I don't see myself being able to do. A lot of people where I live hate gulls because they poop on their windows and cars and empty bins for food, but I love them, ever since I rescued a baby one from certain death and looked after it until it could fend for itself. They're fascinating. They can live for up to 30 years! Your gulls are super-cute, I particularly like the one in the middle, you've got the shape of the head and beak spot on!

Pietro1963 Master of Monsters

Hey..Thanks v much..I feel same way..they are scavengers no doubt..I saw one steal a burger right out of a child's hand at the shore...many tear were shed from that snatch and grab!lol..I had to replace the meal for the child.Tears were replaced by a sigh of releaf and gratitude from a consoling mom.Still I lovr to watch them at the beach.Admiring their grit and cunning manner.I enjoy drawing and aincluding them in my paintings.Cheers and thanks for the compliments.P

They have such funny personalities. I especially like the one trying to keep his balance on the end.
I’ve had a special fondness for gulls every since one enacted vengeance on my brother. The ferry we were on was being followed by a flock and my brother was teasing me saying I was going to get splattered by one. Instead of me they got him! Well played birdies.

Pietro1963 Master of Monsters

he he.. happened to me w/

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