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Original Creation

Proud Pheasant

Romain 05 May 2020

Recently spotted one of these big birds in my garden, with more quietness going around... Certainly hiding in the high grass now, hearing it from time to time.
@Voy: Thank you for the typo!



Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

WAW. Your skills on painting these birds is inimitable! That phaesAnt! is as alive as can be!
Waw, waw …. waw!!

Felix Creator of

Wow! I was wondering why you didn't upload anything recently. Looks like you took some time off to hone your technique. Fantastic!

This is impressive Romain! it is incredibly good!

Your work is already professional.
I think it took a long time to draw such a work.
I really want to applaud you. By the way, when it comes to roosters, there was also master in Japan who drew roosters. His name is Jakuchu Ito, a painter who lived in the 18th century and was said to have the hand of God, and has been drawing attention worldwide in recent years. You can see his picture on the internet, so please take a look.

I am sorry. This bird is not a rooster but a pheasant isn't it?
Ito Jakuchu drew various kind of birds too.

Romain Master of Portraits

Thank you all for your kind comments!
@Felix: I am still around, less frequently though, but nothing to worry about. Watch out for your mail soon. ;)
@Jin: Wow, great reference you are sharing with us, thanks! I love those paintings from Jakuchu Ito. Birds are my favorite animals... and different kind of roosters would be great subjects to paint. Ideas coming up. :)

Jin, thanks for sharing the artists name. Those works are impressive!

Dear Romain Sunnylady
I'd like to tellyou more about Jakuchu Ito.
Jakuchu Ito's masterpiece is "Dou-shoku-Saie". And these pictures were at his exhibition which was held in Paris in 2018 and was watched by about 75,000 people in a week. Unlike oil paintings, you can't fix Japanese paintings if you make a mistake,
Ito Jakuchu didn't make a sketch and not drawing outline but he drew thousands of thin lines accurately . In one of these pictures,he painted same shapes and different colors leaves to front and back about 570 leaves on the lining and colored all the leaves with another red. He also discovered a god-like technique of expressing gold color without using gold. A French art critic who saw this said to have never seen such a complex technique.

Thank you for more details Jin. I'll be searching for the famous masterpiece. I found the reference it has around 30 works together but i could not find it as a whole set online yet.

Romain, this is only 15 works here:

How about this one?
DOU-SHOKU-SAI-E means DOU(animal)SHOKU(plant)SAI(color)E(picture).
And they are owned by the imperial family.

Thank you Jin!

Perfect title on this and you captured his pride in his stance. It is really great. The feathers look so soft.

Romain Master of Portraits

Wow, so much learning! Thank you all! :)
Yes Jin, this is an incredible process to realize such paintings, which make those more amazing.

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