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Original Creation

Flowers composition

Sunnylady 03 Jan 2021

Well... these are flowers number 4 in my oil painting path.
Main objective was to resolve composition. This is done. Execution suffers however. They were supposed to be roses, but they became just some flowers. :) I am not upset about it. Lesson learned that synthetic brush need to be new to do precision brush strokes and cheap Malevich brush lost its ferrule after first time soak overnight in the thinner.

16 by 20 inches, oil on reused canvas.



Wow. They look beautiful. I am always amazed when someone paints things that have to have a certain shape. The only thing I can manage are the things where you can have a lot of freedom of shape. So congratulations.

Thank you Umagaan for your kind support!

Wow looks good

Thanks JD!

I think these are beautiful, soft and delicate, a little like peony’s maybe, I really like the depth you have to each petal and flower, and the colours of the background and the flowers work really nicely together.
Maybe not what you were going for, but you have a beautiful piece, a happy little accident maybe?

Thank you Mrs C. Indeed big happy accident!

A beautiful happy accident! The colors are perfect together and the so delicate leaves and pedals bring it to life. Great looking pot too!

Love the colors....Fantastic

@ForestVueGallery. So many thanks! Complimentary Color scheme was a first thing to resolve here as well as Overall geometrical shapes. Sorry that execution suffers, but I will think of it as learning curve painting as flowers are not my forte :) and it is alright with more practice I can get better at it and also with new brushes. :)

Anyway I enjoyed 50% of it and struggled the rest.

@Toadi: I used PR146-Rose Madder permanent, titanium white, van dyke brown and phtalo green. Alizarin Crimson Permanent shall work perfectly too. It is pinkier than normal AC and in mixtures supposedly shall give muted purples for shadows.

So beautyful this SunnyLady. I love the soft colors.

Thank you Hado! Do you mind to share what brushes you use for your florals? I was struggling to get things evene remotely looking right. It was either paint consistency or brush stiffness. Need to figure out what is main impact here.

@Hado - Your flowers are amazing! Yours inspired me to try one more time to go for florals! Thank you so very much for that!

This looks amazing Sunnylady! I especially love it, because purple is my favorite color, and my bedroom is done in teals and purples which I think look amazing together!

Thanks a lot Doggymommee!! I was aiming at complementary colour scene here. It is kind of very close to initial idea.

hey Sunnylady, still a newbie here so what company oils do you use. I googled that rose with the number and didn't see it. Thanks

@Toadi. Sorry. I forgot to tell that pigment is produced by Russian company - Nevskaya palitra. Let me find couple of links for you for replacement. Jacksonart website has this brand in their catalogue. Let me check it as well.

Search for Madder Rose Lake permanent when scroll down in this link.

There you can see it’s color and search for similar color in other brands as all the brands have similar chart with colors tiles and descriptions.

In Winsor and Newton I think this is close color - Permanent Alizarin Crimson. Check the link here On their website

thank you, thank you Sunnylady for the info!!!

Love the colour combinations on this and the flowers are pretty. They remind me of one stroke style flowers.

@LJM- indeed! You are right this what the flowers style reminds! I like colors too. It is pleasant to see. Surprisingly. The colors were supposed to be complimentary. These are not so much. I need to see what color wheel can suggest here.

Gorgeous floral. So beautiful . the colors i love...

Thank you Patriziad!

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