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Original Creation


Tat2dchica 17 Jul 2021

Abstract on black canvas. Used turpenoid to bleed.



Don't know much about drugs but if this is what you see i want no part of it. I have to say abstract does not excite me but maybe i just don't understand it

I don't get you either tel

Felix Creator of

What's the size of that one?


Felix Creator of

So happy that more abstract art gets posted. I love it

Why Heroin?

Ty Felix!

Why, Tel? For therapy and release. You're very fortunate you've never loved someone who became addicted. If you did, you would "get it."

You seem to know me better than i know myself Tat, i am genuinely interested in how best to interpret abstract paintings? should the viewer see in it what the artist is seeing or is it an open book? Are you suggesting that if my wife was a drug addict that things would suddenly become obvious?..I mean it's colourful, lively etc but what is it? Forgive me for asking questions that should be obvious but that's how we learn and understand.

I'm not an art teacher. No I'm not suggesting that. You didn't ask a question in your first post. If you had, it wouldn't have seemed so rude. It's a figure sitting against a wall, head down, knees up, unable to come into the light.

Ah, not the first time on here my direct line of questioning and desire to understand better has been mistaken for rudeness. it seems that people are quick to tick the criticism box as long as they don't actually receive any. The point i was attempting to make was that if this is a drug abusers vision i want no part of it and don't understand why anybody me old fashioned!

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