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Original Creation


TheLandscapePainter 22 Mar 2021

This started off from a photograph of a stunning sky and sunset over the sea scene. It was a massive failure so I rubbed it off and went over with liquid white. That left behind blue pink and yellow areas in the sky which I have utilised here and turned it into something else. I was tired by that time and just wanted to get something down on canvas without anything in particular in mind. I played around with lighter colours for a change, stuck in a dead tree and a couple of birds. I wanted to practice my trees and bushes but they are still worse than when I first started, I can't deny it, I'm struggling.



Pietro1963 Master of Monsters

Very nice paint work!

Well, if you can paint something as nice as this when you're struggling, then I can't wait to see what you post when you come out of your slump.

I viewed some of your other works and enjoyed them as well. You've got talent. Keep at it.

Thank you for your kind comments.
Alex, welcome. I look forward to seeing your first painting. There is a lot of enjoyment ahead, don't let my stumble put you off, we all have ups and downs. And there is a great community here.

Ah bushes- they seem so simple but I have yet to achieve one that didn’t look like a blob. I would suggest using an old canvas for practice before putting it in your painting. I have a couple cheap canvas boards that have probably 5 layers of test paintings. I’ve learned the hard way that it’s not a great idea to try a new technique on a good canvas and risk messing up the rest of the work.

That being said I think you’re are being too hard on yourself! I think this has a light and airy feel to it.

Thank you for the words of welcome, TheLandscapePainter. And I agree. Everyone here is so positive and upbeat.

Also, your wish just came true. I uploaded my first painting a few minutes ago. Just make sure you're not taking a drink of water when you view my work. I wouldn't want you to spray your computer screen when it becomes impossible to hold back the laughter. 🙂

Thanks again and best wishes.

I love the light and airy feeling of the painting. The sky and the distant mountains are really beautiful. Don't be so hard on yourself!

This is lovely and you're doing great!!!!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Your accident did turn out well TLP.
I very much adore the 'fairy tale' atmosphere and colouring, Walt Disney worthy!
That mojo will return, no worries!

Thank you voy. I'm not giving up.

Thank you Lilikins. I've been thinking that I need some tuition from an instructor to be honest. I've always told others to keep practicing but it's not working for me right now, I've slipped back and I just keep making the same mistakes over and over. I will try your suggestion. Bob suggested filling up an entire canvas with mountains, I think I need to do that with trees.

Sounds like you just need some inspiration! Time to go down the YouTube rabbit hole until you find an artist or a painting that sparks joy! I was getting frustrated with landscapes and researching YouTube for inspiration for events has really helped me.

If you are really dead set on getting tree lessons I will say the Kevin hill tree tutorial is very helpful. I got the acrylic tree tutorial as a gift and I found his instruction extremely helpful.

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