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Original Creation

Golden Forest - Bill Alexander

Tom0779 09 Jun 2023

New Bill Alexander recreation. Something different and totally crazy.
This episode has been taken from the book ‚The magic of Oil painting IV‘ but the video tutorial is also available on YouTube:
Bill wants to show how much light shows when done on a black canvas. The tutorial is easy but for me it was more challenging to make it look the way I wanted to see it.
Very limited palette here, the black canvas is covered with Indian Yellow.
Oils on canvas panel 16 x 24 in (40 x 60 cm)



Beautiful Tom. Great job with the trees going up the mountain!

Hey Tom, Not my favorie episode but super implemented. Top made👍🏼🇩🇪

Thank you Tomi. Believe it or not those background trees were the part of the painting I spent most of the time. It looks so easy when Bill does it but can be difficult.

Thanks Dirk. War mir klar, dass diese Episode polarisiert. Ob du es glaubst oder nicht ich habe bereits ein Kaufangebot für genau dieses Bild.

Ja dann alles richtig gemacht 👍🏼

Hat mich selbst auch etwas überrascht, aber ich mache gerne unterschiedliche Dinge und Bill hat viel mehr verschiedene Motive als z.B. Bob.

This is so awesome Tom! It makes me think that I am in my vehicle at night shining my headlights across the river. Very nice!

Beautiful job Tom. I still have not painted a deep dark painting like this yet. They intimidate me.

For me, Bill is simply the origin and if you research the story in this way, it always has a "taste". You know what I mean. Nevertheless, I also stumbled upon Bob first and came to paint. .

Thanks a lot Brian.

Thank you Tony, try a dark one. You will be surprised how much light pops there.

Definitely Dirk. Bob is much more popular than Bill and almost no one knows that Bill was Bob’s mentor.
The difference between them is that Bill was a professional artist for long time and he tried a lot of things.

Can I jump in and say the biggest difference is Bob's ability to market the idea. I imagine it would have been very difficult for Bill with his heavy accent and word translation capabilities. He allowed to show that he was not happy with the result he could achieve in 30 minutes. I think he was a much better artist than Bob, but, not the best salesman. It's really sad when you finally find Bill Alexander and learn what Bob Ross did to him.

Everything you say Tomi covers 100 % with my thoughts. Even me as a German native speaker finds his accent very funny, though I must say I need English for my daily work.
I said it before he wasn’t the best business man but I am thankful that his episodes get published yet. So I think others might discover Bill as well now!

Whoa Tomi what is it that BR did to BA? BR did a painting show to sell painting supplies and was successful at it. BA invited him to take the ball and run with it and he did. This is only my understanding of their relationship. I love to look at both of their works. What am I missing?

I don't mean to offend anyone Brian. There is history between Bob and Bill. It is what it is. I don't think Bob did anything intending to hurt Bill. Bob was a very good artist and with the Kowalski's a great business man.

For all those who are interested on the official Alexander Art YouTube Channel there is a celebration video. This brings a little light into the story. I found it very interesting and informative 😎

Great job Tom!

I Love this painting tons Tom!!! 😍 Those colors popping like this are sublime! Great recreation! I'll put it on my "to-paint-list"! Thanks for sharing!

BTW... I think the Kowalski are the one to blame for most part. They crushed everyone on their way. And they love to sue people. They also hurt greatly Bob's own son!

Great discussions here. Everyone has its own opinion. But at the end of the day Bill obviously missed to legally protect his inventions and so others profited from that. I think Bill was too much artist to be a business man and maybe he misjudged the whole situation.
Fact is that their relationship was not good any more at the beginning of the 90s. But as mentioned it was also Bill’s own failure in my opinion.
However I came to paint because of Bob and this is because his show is broadcasted by German TV Stations. But later on as I discovered Bill I like his way of art more because it goes deeper regarding artistic approach. The tutorial itself is only secondary, what counts is to understand e.g. color harmony, how light works, etc..,

Thank you Coldethel!

Thank you Nancy, cannot wait to see your version!

Tomi, not offended in any way. Just curious.

Tom, sorry for commandeering your thread! Happy painting!

No problem Brian, I like those discussions 😀

Well put Tom.

Stellar work!!!

Thanks Cosmo!

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