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Original Creation

First BR (better posted late than never)

doggymommee8301 11 Nov 2020

I had been meaning to post this for a while, but I couldn't remember what episode it came from and since it came out looking NOTHING like Bob's I had not had much luck figuring out which episode to post it to. I am posting it now (as an original even though it is not) in case Colin, one of our newer community members decides he would like to use it in his charity Christmas Card project. Here is the thread in the forum for that if you are interested in learning more:
It is a very moving request, so I want to help however I can.

This was my VERY first ever art anything I did: painting, drawing, etc. etc. Did this at the beginning of the Covid lockdowns. Fun fact: I was also stuck in bed with a back injury. So I literally painted it propped up by pillows and probably more than a little bit under the influence of very strong pain killers. So I guess, all in all, it probably turned out better than some of my other stuff I have posted. Used BR brand paint and the 12x16 (I think that's the right size) canvas boards that come with the BR starter kit.



Looks like “Blue Winter” to me.

That’s kind of the one I was leaning toward too. Thanks!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Quite an achievement, painting this in such ackward position and condition. Well done girl!
I hardly ever touch medication myself so if I do have to take some, they work twice as hard and I would turn up stoned for hours. I would be painting beach babes in that winter scene! 😂😉

I will be honest, I don't really "remember" painting it Voy. I ended up flushing most of the bottle of meds down the toilet.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Rooaaaar .... I like you more and more! 🥰😉

Blushing now :)

Painting under meds, that is unusual concept. Your painting is very expressionistic!

Once we visited art exhibition of paintings that were done hallucinating after meds or under medical used marijuana. I still have photos somewhere as the paintings were very unusual.

You did come a long way from your first one to where you are now! This path is incredibly interesting and adventurous and will be leading you further to becoming better artist for yourself. Just make sure you enjoy the journey!

Thank you Sunnylady! It helps to have such a supportive community to encourage and guide beginners like myself in the right direction. A quote here from one of my favorite books, “I am only an egg.”

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