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Original Creation

Sailing out of the fog with Sunnylady

doggymommee8301 21 Mar 2021

Had a wonderful two session paint date with Sunnylady, and through her very patient instructions this was my outcome. I hope everyone can enjoy it as much as I can, and please admire her version as well!



Thank you my dear friend for your time and for painting this ship together! I am happy we did it and our results are fantastic. I like that you version is darker as it shows moon light and highlights better!

You make me happy my sweet friend. Time with you is always a treasure.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

For sure Doggymommee, you have excelled yourself. This is by far your best creation yet and really has raised you several levels!
That sea shine, those sails, that misty atmosphere .... simply WAW!
Standing ovation for you.

Thank you Doggymommee and Sunnylady for also adventuring a paint session together. Let it be known to the site that such dates DOES improve skills, friendship, joy of painting .....

It's beautiful. Love the moonlight on the sails.

Felix Creator of

Wow! Voy didn't lie in his email when he said that the painting from your paint date is absolutely spectacular!

Beautiful! Very well done!

Indeed, this is beautiful appearing out of the fog

Lovely ❤️

Pietro1963 Master of Monsters


Voy, thank you for encouraging me, and being a dear friend.

Umagaan, thank you.

Felix, I am glad you like it! Indeed painting with a friend is a treasure, thank you for making this site so we could all meet. You are a treasure.

Brooke, thank you. I had a wonderful teacher.

Tel, thank you for your kind words.

Nivek, nice to see you here. Thank You for your kind words.

Thank you Pietro! The real beauty was creating with a friend.

Oh Doggymomme, how onderful is this painting again. You are realy SO great in sailingships in the sea. I love it!!

Thank you so much Hado! It was a lot of fun to paint, especially since it was done with my friend, Sunnylady.

Oh wow this is wonderful! I love the moonlight bouncing off of the sails. Great job!

MHK Helpful Friendly User

I love this!!!! Awesome job. What colors did you blend for the purplish background? Did you underpaint it?


Thank you Lilikins! It was great to spend time with Sunnylady creating this.

MHK: I used alizarin crimson, and Phalto blue, with t white to make the purple. Such a beautiful color!

Jimibasha: Thank You!

Thia is so nice. I really like the background colours on this one... Great job on the boat and water reflections.

@MHK - we did ship drawing using thinned paint , than we blocked background , then we did drawing of the sails and masts with the color of water, blocked them with appropriate values and let it dry. All details are added on dried but oiled painting to let brush glide the surface.

MHK Helpful Friendly User

Exceptional job!!!!!! very well done

Thank you Sunnylady for explaining for MHK. I’d not have been able to, lol. You are a gem.

Beautifully done! Love the colors in water, sky and sails. The reflections set it off.

@doggymommee - No problems, this was very unusual way of sketching overall. I am very happy the ships look great!

This is a real beauty. Love the light and shadow work. The light of the sails and the moon. The mist is exceptional as well.

Oh beautyful you can paint.

@hado - this is Doggymommee masterpiece. Really awesome job she did with this ship!

NilRochaArt Professional Artist

Nice, i like the Mist

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