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Original Creation

Study After Albert Bierstadt

dracula 15 Apr 2020

I call this one "Death Returns to Old Shores, " but it is, in fact, a study after Albert Bierstadt's "Indian Canoe," which I've seen at a museum here in Austin, Texas. I replaced the occupant of the boat with a skeletal Charon-type figure, like the ferryman on the River Styx. I was really drawn to the hazy distance in the original. Some of what I learned here I was able to bring into my version of Bob Ross's Rippling Waters. Likewise, I was able to bring as whole host of techniques I learned from Bob into painting this one, albeit on a smaller scale.


I cannot say enough how much I love the lighting in your paintings! You truly are gifted. Thank you for sharing.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Some of your paintings, also this one, remind me on William Turner. I agree with Froggie, the lighting in your paintings are gorgeous. It is definitely a painting I would like to have in one of the rooms in my house.

dracula Power Painter

Thank you both, I really appreciate your encouraging words. I take any comparison to William Turner as the highest form of compliment; you are too kind!

Dracula, absolutely amazing painting!
Thanks for sharing!
Did you paint in the museum in front of the original?

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

That haze in the distance …. a million worth!!! I agree with Tom, it has something of William Turner in it, who happens to be one of my favourite 19th century painters, together with Francisco Goya.
It is very obvious that you learned a lot from Bob and you went beyond him in several fields. Your own style is a real bestseller and a blessing to us all!!

dracula Power Painter

Thank you @SunnyLady, I did not paint it in the museum. I think I must paint too slow for that! Instead, I went to see it twice and then worked from a photograph. I'd like to go back to see it again now that I have made the study and see where I could improve.

Wow, thanks Voy Kay, Turner and Goya are certainly some of my favorites. I am very encouraged that you see those similarities in my work.

Wow! I’ve browsed your paintings and I just want to say, truly amazing stuff. Thanks for sharing with the world

Beautiful lighting in this painting and the water is superb! I keep going back to look at it! Lovely!

Dracula I will be interested to hear about going back to Museum. I will be interested to hear if you feel and notice new things when looking at the original again after doing your thorough homework.

dracula Power Painter

I've added some extra photos showing how this painting came together step-by-step, if anyone's interested in that sort of thing.

Dracula, I revisited the Wikipedia about Albert Bierstadt from quite big screen. His paintings are amazing! Light and mountains and sky in his paintings are amazing! I liked a lot paintings with the sequoias! Thanks for introducing his name!

dracula Power Painter

@SunnyLady - Sure thing. I think his paintings are often very dramatic and powerful. The painting I did this study from is one of his lesser works. Some of his masterpieces are breathtaking...and very large!

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