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Original Creation

Study After Camille Corot

dracula 13 Apr 2020

This is a study after a painting called "Marshy Pasture" by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, who was a primary figure in the French Barbizon school. My version is smaller than the original and I changed some details because my main focus was to try to capture some of the loose, spirited brushwork, open airiness, and bold paint application that makes Corot's work so powerful.



Great study work! Amazing brushwork and complex colors here.
Do you have more?
What's the size and how long did it take?

dracula Power Painter

Thank you @SunnyLady! I do have more studies, I will upload them as I locate the photos on my computer. This one is 11x14 inches, painted on panel. It's not wet-on-wet so it was done in three or four sessions, about 2–3 hours each.

Generally speaking, I think I get much faster results in the Bob Ross style (even though they take 5-ish hours each), but there are some layering effects, such as dry brushing, glazing, and scumbling that I like which aren't really suited to the Alla Prima approach.

I'll be looking forward for more paintings.
This explains why color is so complex and why I see some transparency effects even through the photo.
I need to google what stumbling is.

dracula Power Painter

Hi @SunnyLady - Scumbling, as I understand it, is akin to dry-brushing where opaque paint on a dry brush is applied in a kind of patchy, loose, and transparent layer which softens edges and helps control color intensity.

Some scumbling and dry brush technique can be seen here in many areas of the foreground.

Got it. Thanks Dracula! I did not know the name.

Bob also says that Bob's painting is just at the entrance
Paintings are more profound. And your new challenge seems to be very successful.
Great work!

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