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Original Creation

Study After Frederic Edwin Church

dracula 16 Oct 2020

This is small, 11" x 14" study after Catskill Creek by Frederic Edwin Church. I'm not sure the exact date of the original, but I figure it's somewhere near 1850. I'm also not sure how large the original painting is, but my guess is that it is larger than my study. I think it would have been advantageous to work larger in this case.



Well done! The highlights on the trees is superb. The left side trees along the water really eye catching. Thanks for sharing this.

Pietro1963 Master of Monsters

Great painting.Color and texture remind me of century old paintings.I love that.Your water and reflections are superb!Cheers,P

I love your complex details, beautiful!

Felix Creator of

Very nice! Did you use period specific oil paints again? There is a certain "oldness" to the texture and hue that makes it seem like it

dracula Power Painter

Thank you everyone for the encouragement, I really appreciate it!

@Felix - yes, I think about 50% of the paints I used were the period-specific Rublev paints.

I used their Lead White, Minium (Red Lead), Chrome Yellow, Italian Green Umber, Transparent Mummy, and maybe some others.

Otherwise, I used Bob Ross colors and a couple of other brands like Lukas 1862 for Cerulean Blue.

Dracula, this is amazing study work. Colors in the sky look fantastic and warm. The texture you created is awesome! Trees are so alive and I like the turquoise touch in the water. Distant mountains are nice color that creates distance!

Exceptional work!
I bet you spent few full days for it.

Do you use projector or you do free hand to convert from the original to your size?

dracula Power Painter

Thank you @SunnyLady, I really value your input! Yes, you are right, it took me several (maybe 5) 2-hour sessions to complete this painting, which seems like a lot for such a small painting, but I'm a slow painter and there are a fair number of details I had to contend with.

I find with most of my studies, the most things happen in the first color pass after which things slow down.

I've added two pictures showing the original underpainting and first color pass. To answer your question, I just look at the photo and lay things out by hand. I try to not get too bogged down matching the artist's exact strokes or anything, so it's not too difficult to set things up.

My guess was about 10 hours. Thanks for adding extra photos. I saw them from the phone and looking forward to see everything on the big screen!

dracula Power Painter

@SunnyLady, yes, I think you are right on with your estimate. I could probably have gone one more round, but I'd rather avoid overworking a study. I think my next study is going to be after Ivan Shishkin; do you know his work?

Yes, he is considered one of the most details oriented artist. In our museum there is a little painting of a pond, and each blade grass and every little detail is perfectly made with so much love to nature.

dracula Power Painter

Thanks @SunnyLady, that is very interesting to hear. I don't believe I have ever seen any of his work in real life, but I may try my hand at a study anyway.

dracula Power Painter

Ah, thanks again @SunnyLady, I got your links regarding Shishkin. The way he paints trees is just so amazing to me. It is very useful for me to hear how much precision and detail his works convey in real life, which is something I could not necessarily tell from the photos reproductions I have seen. Those websites are quite wonderful. I am glad they can be viewed in english, though I have long been considering trying to learn Russian. Maybe someday!

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