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Original Creation

Study After Ivan Shishkin

dracula 19 Dec 2020

This is a small 8"x12" study after Ivan Shishkin's "Pine Trees Lit by the Sun." The original is from 1886 and significantly larger than my study (about 4ft tall). I wish I could have seen it (or any of Shishkin's work) before making this attempt, but It was very informative either way.



Wow! This has so much detail it looks like a photograph! Nicely done.

Wow. I feel like I'm standing in the woods. Amazing.

Amazing! The detail is just spectacular! I thought it was a photograph at first.

This is great, how long did it take you?

dracula Power Painter

Thank you, thank you! I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. However, @Nivek1971, it took way too long. Probably 6 or 7 2-3 hour sessions. Like most of my studies, it came together in its basic form very quickly, in just a couple hours and then slowed tremendously in working out the details.

Worth the time and effort 👍

so very realistic,
this is amazing

MHK Helpful Friendly User

This is spectacular. Really amazing work

Dracula, it is fantastic! I cannot imagine what a wonder would you done on the bigger size. Light is just incredible! I do not have enough words to say how awesome your painting is!

Stunning. Really great work, the time spent payed off!

lightsnow Community Helper

I'm not too sure which adjective to use to describe this work. I think I will stick with "incredible!" I think this is my favorite painting of yours so far and possibly my favorite I've seen on this site. I love being in the woods and this brings me right there. Very realistic. Amazing work! Time well spent for sure.

Felix Creator of

My first thought "great, I'll have to ban some prankster for uploading a photograph"

Wonderful painting!

So realistic it does appear to be a photograph! Beautiful.

Holy smokes! You're on another level!

dracula Power Painter

Thanks again everyone for your kind words about this painting. It took a long time and it's good to hear that the results are effective. I have added a selection of progress photos starting at the initial steps. My style of painting sometimes feels like it has diminishing returns once I enter the long detailing phase. Like many other things, it takes it take 20% of the time to finish 80% and 80% of the time to finish the last 20%

dracula Power Painter

Also, special thanks to @SunnyLady for the great articles about Ivan Shishkin. I learned a lot (even in translation) and it really helped me on my way!

@dracula - I am very glad to hear that those articles were helpful, by the way when I was in the museum with my friend and we go from one room to another when she came to Shishkin she said she thought there were photographs on the walls for a moment. I think you incredibly succeeded with your study!

dracula Power Painter

@SunnyLady, thank you so much! That sounds amazing; I hope one day to see his work in person!

All those tree branches are really amazing. It reminds me of playing in the forest when I was a kid. Beautifully done!

A fantastic painting love the colours the textures - amazing job really well done I bet you are pleased with it

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