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Original Creation


dracula 04 Jun 2020

I love candy. A huge part of my brain is dedicated to thinking about sweets. It's a problem.




I totally wanted to grab it! Looks super real!

Felix Creator of

Is this really oil? 😮

Stunning details if so, how long did it take you? What's the size of this painting?

Ahaha you fooled me! I was looking-looking but I could not decide if that is a photo. I have not eaten any twix for 8 months already. Lost my practice in recognizing them. :)

dracula Power Painter

Ha, yes, this is really oil. The panel is 11"x14" which gave me room to make the Twix pretty close to actual size. I think it's a touch larger actually. It took me several afternoons to complete. I used a pretty slow-drying medium on this so there was a good amount of waiting between layers. It's definitely not wet on wet.

Felix Creator of

I don't believe so. I belive this is just a very good and realistic painting.

Take a close look at the 'cookie bar' text, the top bar of the 'T' or the two lines or the dot of the 'i' and compare them with a photograph of a twix from Google. Upon closer inspection you can see small imperfections when compared to the photograph.

Very well done Dracula, I hope we see more of these super realistic paintings from you!

Felix Creator of

Thanks to the answer Dracula! I didn't think this would be close to the size of an actual twix, I thought this would be much larger!

I was just thinking about if to enroll into a class with painting golden metal surfaces. And here it a great example of golden surface.

@Felix. I wish I had seen it on the laptop rather than on the phone! I will check it tomorrow morning!

amazing ... brilliant

It's a great work!
There are several museums that are very popular in Japan at the moment, this Hoki Museum exhibits many works by super-realist painters, and I went to see them two years ago.
One of the painters in this interview said I was disappointed when I was told that it looked like a photo. Maybe his goal is higher.
I believe the day will come when you can try such a painting.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Wow this looks so realistic. Amazing work!

Finally I am in front ow my laptop. It looks superb!

dracula Power Painter

Thanks everyone for the encouraging words; I appreciate it. I enjoy the result when painting this way, though the process is fairly greuling and methodical compared to the expressiveness and immmediacy of a Bob Ross painting. I may try my hand at others in this technique.

The detail is extraordinary!

Felix Creator of

Dracula, I've added an option to upload additional images to a painting. Would you upload some detail shots and size comparisons for this one?
I'm sure a lot of people would be very interested!

It does look amazingly real. Not a bit surprised that it could be mistaken for a photograph, but our friend Dracula is incredibly talented. I applaud your patience for adding all those little details.

dracula Power Painter

Thanks a lot @Froggie, that is very kind of you!
For sure @Felix, I will take some detail photographs today. I think y'all will enjoy seeing how UN-photographic it looks close-up!

dracula Power Painter

Wow @Felix, thanks a lot for the new feature; it's really awesome!

Felix Creator of

Thanks for using it and showing us your work! 😊

This looks incredible. I honestly didn't think it was a pairing at first. Great work.

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