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Original Creation

Kern river valley (original artist Albert Bierstadt)

flippergirlpaints 22 Jun 2022

Had issues with 1st upload.....
11x14 "recreation" of a painting done by Albert Bierstadt in 1871. When my mother in law passed away in 2020 I acquired a print on canvas board (from the 1960s) by Albert Bierstadt titled Yosemite valley. I had always admired that painting and after getting it, I researched some about him and looked at some of his other works. I was especially attracted to this one and decided to give it a try! I have never painted another artist's work- except for Bob's. My goal was not to produce an exact copy lol - but to recreate its essence in my own version. The horses becoming larger and looking more up close was an accident, but I like it that way. The original's size was 30"x50" I believe. Mine took 2 days to complete and his probably took months lol!



This is a lovely composition and I really like the distant mountains. I think it is interesting the way the men and one of horses are looking at the observer, it draws you in and into the trees on the left. You have created good depth in this painting and light on the foremost tree is great.

Fantastic. I love the seemingly old-style look of it. The colors are more muted (like an older painting). Not sure if I'm getting my point across. There are some screen saver paintings that come up on Windows that look like this, and I really enjoy looking at them. This one falls into that category as well. Very well done. Great job with the horses, too. All-around great painting.

Thank you rah! Believe it or not the most difficult part for me was the mountains. I really hate painting mountains LOL.

Thanks Alex! I also like that very muted old-timey look to a painting. While researching this artist, I found that this is a style called luminism which was popular in the mid-1800s.

Good interpretation! Good distant mountains and love the horses!

The mountains are great as is the color of the water Pam!

I like your touches. I have studied Bierstadt as well, specifically Sierra Nevada I. I wondered how he placed so much detail until I found the canvas was 70" x 128". His work is very soft for the most part and based on the technology at the time, your guess of months is likely correct. Good Job, I always enjoy your work.

Thanks Sandy! (I also LOVE horses and they turned out pretty good:)

Thank you Brian!

Thanks so much Kevin! One day I would love to paint something on a canvas that size!

This is beautiful! I really admire his work. I love how he captures light and dark in his paintings as well as distance and detail. Excellent work :)

That's impressive. I really like everything about it. You're such an artist :)

Thank you Daniel! I love that "glowy" soft look about his work also. It was challenging to try and achieve.

Thanks Shadowscars! A wonderful compliment 😊

Very nice interpretation flippergirl!
I was looking at many of Bierstadt paintings online yesterday and I found out his style was luminism. Apparently not many artist based on info from that website were working in the similar direction. Only 4 maybe 5 names were identified. But all of them manage light in their painting so masterfully that it looks like something super nice investigate further.

Thanks for reminding about this wonderful artist and leading me to learn a bit more.

I think his highlights all look so natural, with different values of various objects as opposed to high contrast colors. I see that in your interpretation here, soft variance in shades that give the impression and light and dark. You are where I wish to go.

Thank you Sunnylady!! To me the look of luminism is like a photographer took the picture with a "hazy lens".

Thanks Kevin! I have a degree in interior design, and have always loved to use value and texture for interest as opposed to contrast in my personal selections. In my painting "hidden creek" S13E6 I did the entire painting from 1 color (plus white) as an experiment with value, and was amazed at the result!

I also like to watch a lot of online tutorials from other artists, just to get technique/application ideas. Kevin Hill has one I watched about creating distance (he uses a mountain range) and the "hazy" effect is a lot like this style.

I will have to check it out. I have been engaged in the Alexander Art self-study and one of Bill's is a VD Brown and white only that I found quite striking. I can see how your background gives you an eye for these things. I hope I can learn this as well as it does not seem natural to me at this point. I will keep looking at yours for now! :)


I read a bit about style and i understood why I like it. It is interesting interpretation or intermix of Impressionism, Romantism. It was surprising to read that many photographers were adopting Luminism style into photography when cameras started becoming portable. I think your comment was really spot on!

Thanks David!

Beautifully done with nice distance and details.

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