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Original Creation

I'm sorry Lowell

indicationofart 24 Apr 2023

Lowell Speers "Blue Floral". Struggled with this one. I don't have a Sable brush, that may help. 10x20 inch canvas.



I loved your title :) I sensed your sense of humor. But I think you are too hard on yourself here. Your leaves actually look like you did use a sable brush and I like the blend of color throughout and the fade of distant leaves in the background. I enjoy watching Lowell paint flowers although they are not my favorite subject to paint he really has perfected them. I especially like your color and stroke used for making the bud of the flowers

Thanks Happy. I am very hard on myself.

This is very pretty and you did a good job! Don't apologize to Lowell!! LOL!

Tomi… this is a great floral! I am so excited you posted one! Your leaves are really good! Your flowers are awesome! It looks like a tougher one than the daisies. I would be really happy about this painting if I were you! 🙌🏼

Thanks Blondie and Nancy. My mother always says that artists are their own worst critics. That is especially true for me. Getting the shaping for these flowers was really difficult for me.

I say the same thing to my Momma @LReisinger when we paint.... about being our own worst critics. This was the last floral Mom and me did we needed a break after this one it's one of his harder ones.... the bottom one I scratched off and redid 6 times I bet at least. I was ready to have a meltdown. I had to go smoke a cigarette several times lol. I think yours turned out great. The colors going threw your flowers are pretty and your leaves look really good!

Wayward, of course I pick the hardest ones for the first time. The top was the worst for me. I just gave up and left it. Maybe in a month or 2 I'll try again.

May I suggest Crazy Daisy's that was one of our funnest .... mine just got a little big lol. Please don't give up you got this new things are always a little bit of a curb it really dose look great, even though your frustrated by it.

This is fabulous! You’ve made incredible progress given the short time you’ve been painting. This has both texture and softness and definitely needs no apology.

Thank you Barbara.

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