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Original Creation

Last desperate act

tel 03 Jul 2021

So many people with mental issues in the modern world, here is one mans way of dealing with it. Not the most uplifting of subjects to paint but of course a subject prevalent to so many, my wife's cousin committed suicide recently.... nobody knows why.



Oh, very touching tel. And I'm sorry for your loss. You never know what goes through peoples minds do you. My husband just a few days ago lost one of his cycling buddies to suicide. We were told he did it because he believed that nobody liked him. It simply wasn't true. He had just turned 40, left a 19 year old son behind. Such a shame. Life can be just too hard or cruel for some people to cope with. Your painting reminds me of Justin Wozniak, one of my favourite online painters, he almost hung himself from a tree. He says Bob Ross saved his life. Then he painted the tree! I'm so pleased he changed his mind, he's such a nice bloke.

Pietro1963 Master of Monsters

Touching.Prayers for these poor souls.

Sorry for your loss tel.
This is unfortunately very actual topic nowadays…

I only met him (Mark) 3-4 times but he always seemed to have his life in order, lovely wife and twin boys, nobody has been able to find any reason for his suicide which must be so tormenting for his family.

Sad painting indeed. Sorry for loss.
When i saw this, i remembered a man i saw yesterday at grocery store. He was barely moving. First i helped him when hes walking sticks fell while he was barely holding onto shopping stroller and then came the worst part. He started talking about that he'd just better die already. After few minutes i stood by the cashier and he was in front of me with tears in hes eyes and talking to seller that he can't take it no more, that he is in pain and agony physically all the time and mentioned death more than few times. Sounded like a serious scream for help and i was thinking at that point that if he has no one, it indeed might end for him like the man in your painting. But i really hope he will be fine and just had a bad mood and let emotions out at that point.
Damn, there are so many reasons one could put hes hands on himself to do it- physical, mental, emotional and unplanned . But mostly no one knows about ones plans until it is done.
I've been there mentally many times thinking over and over about it, pictured where and how i would do it. My family doesn't know i had it in my mind many times. But i never had the courage to take that extra step.
That painting is really dark and wakes many emotions in me, yet in some way it is beautiful to me. The peaceful moon calms the dramatism and gives a piecefull silence feel to it.

Dear gunaM you are among friends here. So many people go through life forgetting to be kind to themselves. Look after yourself.

TheLandscape painter I am fine. The painting just brought a lot of feelings up in an instant. I can delete the comment if you feel uncomfortable with it.

gunaM, no please don't do that. I am glad you are ok.

Paintings should stir emotions be they good or bad, i'm glad that "last desperate act" was able to do that and i am glad to hear that GunaM is in a better place mentally.
I was in a very dark place myself just three years ago after being diagnosed with throat cancer and i am sure many on here will have a similar tale to tell, i was surrounded by people i loved and who loved me in return and this got me through....not everybody is as fortunate.

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