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Original Creation

My pup.

tholmes79 21 Jan 2023

12”x16” oil on canvas. Unfortunately i have to explain that on this portrait of Ella and the previous one i did of my wife that i made the eyes abnormally large on purpose. My wifes mom was freaked out by how ugly she thought last one was and i asked some friends about it and they just figured i didn’t know how to paint portraits and messed up lol. If art needs to be explained its bad art, but these are two of my favorite paintings i’ve done because they were alot of fun to make and i like how they look so to me they are not bad. Also they do look better in real life as is usually the case with paintings.



I think this is adorable and I love those exaggerated eyes as they are extra soulful! I enjoy trying many different styles of painting as well, and my mother has a similar reaction to some of my non-traditional non-realism ones. I think she expects all of my work to be hyperrealism. But art is not meant to be the same as photos ; just an interpretation. I know that my different kinds of styles appeal to different people (because they sell LOL) so I just paint what I want! I enjoy seeing your many styles of work!

Thanks Pam! I totally agree with you. Like you I also like trying different styles and just paint what I want and in my case I avoid hyperrealism because i personally prefer paintings to look like paintings and not photos.

Love this is adorable!

When you posted “ My Amor” I knew that you were doing something different and couldn’t figure out what it might be, because you are so spot on when painting your wife (until reading your explanation). I always look closely at the eyes of your subjects for hidden clues to your work. This one of Ella is wonderful, I agree with Pam and Sandy!

The eyes are the gateway to the soul and they give away more than anyone realises, a person can be smiling but have sad eyes that gives away their internal pain. I've always favoured landscapes and haven't ventured into many portraits , I'm not sure I'd have the skills to do them justice. I think you've captured Ella the dogs soul in her eyes, love, loyalty and happiness. Really great job 👍

Thanks Sandy!
Thanks Brian! It’s funny because a friend of mine said same thing that something looked off but he couldn’t place it. He just assumed portraits are hard to get a good portrayal haha.
Thanks Nivek! You are so right about the eyes revealing the inner truth. If you wanted to try a portrait you should. I was super afraid to try one and didn’t attempt to paint a human face until a year into painting. In my opinion it turns out that it is no more difficult than painting a landscape. In some ways easier because you can just move the paint around on the face and mold it into the way you want and blend the colors. Which you can’t do with a landscape or it will look like a mess.

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