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Boise, ID
Member for 2 years

I started oil painting for a number of reasons. I had always enjoyed going to paint parties and loved the state of mind painting could sometimes put me in (some call it "the flow").

I have been a Bob Ross fan since the early 80's. We would come home and want to relax so we'd watch some Bob and be hypnotized by his talent, voice, and cadence. I always thought it would be wonderful to try painting like Bob.

I think what finally pushed me over the edge was seeing a wall full of beautiful paintings done by a friend's deceased husband. She told me of the joy he got from painting and I thought "what a great legacy and memory for his family".

I ordered the Bob Ross Master paint set and my journey began.
After my first two paintings I saw Kevin Hill mentioned on this site and purchased one of his instructional DVD's. He is similar to Bob with his easy going style and offers lots of details about technique.

My screen name is Stick People because that is all I thought I could draw and the extent of my artistic ability. The lesson is it's never to late and you may be surprised by what you can do.

Go for it!

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