Hello Everybody.

I hope you are all doing fine in these weird times.

Fairly recently I have started a project of mine which includes the usage of art from this site. It is visible only on my soundcloud page and I do not make any money with any of my music. However I see that it is still your intellectual property, so I want to ask if your are fine with me using it this way.

Maybe you have seen one of my comments on some pictures. These are not supposed to be spam and neither are they advertisement or anything like that, I will happily delete them if you ask me to. :) 

Yes they are mostly copy and paste, and I am really sorry I can not give every single painting the attention and praise it deserves, but if I chose your painting for my page I really liked your style and the vibe in your art.

Lastly I wanted to make sure, you know that I care for your opinions on this matter. I use these paintings and their names to pay hommage to the great Bob Ross and to show my respect for their creators' artistic skill. Credits are always given in the song's description.

What do you fine folks think? Is it okay to use your art this way? Do you like to see your art presented this way?

Love. - Gamkey

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If you don't want your art used or got other feedback/questions, hit me up!

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