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Blue Ridge Falls

jeremy chambers 14 Apr 2019
Blue Ridge Falls

I enjoyed making the two waterfalls. The rocks were tricky as I didn't have the same brush Bob was using to paint them.


You did a great job. I wish I could get my trees to look as good as yours. What brush did you use for the bushes in the foreground?

When I saw this, I immediately had the same question as the poster above! However, I'm wondering what brush you used for the pine tree highlights?

I like this!! Great job!! Like KD said, I wish I could get my trees to look that good!!

I used the #6 fan brush to paint both the foreground bushes and the tree highlights. For the bushes i started with the brush at an angle and pushed. WIth each new stroke I slightly rotated the angle. With the trees, i also pushed the oil onto the canvas but not as hard... and I rolled the brush slightly while pushing it. That gives that bending branch effect. I also find alternating my angles as I paint down the tree looks good. Some of the branches are multiple, close together brush pushes. Watch Bob's video around the 14:30 mark for a the example.

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