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Mountains of Grace

joha59 16 Jan 2023

This Steve Ross painting took more time, probably because of the different range of mountains. On stretched canvas 40 x 30 cm. I tried to avoid to see the lines of the wooden frame by putting some tape on the frame on the backside, but still some lines come through the paint, someone has a solution for that?, otherwise I keep on painting on canvasboard or panel. New to me where the simple but effective sky with a mixture of Phthalo and Prussian blue and a bit of Sap green in the water and the tip to paint the shoreline always to the center of the painting.



Nice work Jos. Especially your mountains are always very nice. I would say pure Phtalo blue isn't my preferred sky, Bob does this very often. But I have seen Steve uses more Prussian blue which I like more for sky. Also Bill Alexander used Prussian blue (maybe because he was Prussian, lol) almost all the time for his blue skies.
But overall a personal preference.

Mgiese84 Cleanest Technique In The Game

Very nice! This was one of my favorites that Steve did.

This came out so nice Jos! Your mountains are well executed! Great layering.

I get that issue too with the back wooden frame on those stretch canvases. If possible, I blend very very gently that section (“3 hairs and some air” like Bob would say!) with a blending brush, it removes the lines. Hope this helps. 😀

Just beautiful!

Beautiful Mountains ,Jos👍🏼

Many thanks Tom ( mixed with is also a nice color), Matt, Nancy (thanks for your reply, but blending does not take away the lines on my canvas and if it does it returns), Sandy and Dirk!

Hey Jos , Try this Canvas , Rico Design , Art, Hand Stretched , 330 g/qm. Grounded twice ,have no Problems

Thanks Dirk for the tip, these are also 2 EUR each?, because thats what I pay now for my canvas, maybe I have to stop with that cheap stuff, but my canvasboards from 30x24 cm are 0,50 EUR each and these are ok (after two layers of extra gesso).

3 pieces Canvas 24 x 30 cm/11€ / Idee Creativ / Germany .

Thanks Dirk,. I think I return to boards or panels, panels of 40x30cm I can buy here for 3EUR 50 and these are good, so why should I go to stretched canvas for more money ( 5 EUR on your site)?

I use this . Only to try. 😎

flippergirlpaints Top Event Submitter

Very nice! I just saw this one on tv recently and I liked how Steve did the mountain in the rear.

Thank you Pam, on tv? Do you still have tv programs from the Joy of Painting? And this was a nice painting altough Steve sometimes paints as it is the most simple thing in the world. And Dirk: maybe I will try and of course I appreciate your help!

flippergirlpaints Top Event Submitter

I watch Youtube on my tv.

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