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Tom0779 26 Jan 2023

I am currently sick and that really bothers me. Especially because I can’t paint currently and have to stay in bed.
So I thought I re-share one of my favorite Bob Ross recreations I did.
My opinion about this episode:
Although it is one of the most popular episodes to recreate it is very atypical for Bob. He didn’t do a lot of episodes where he put people into his picture. In fact I think there is just one other episode with two persons.
I personally really like this episode, but I didn’t really want to create those „floating“ trees he did. So I made them to the ground. I thought I give this guy a retro tent. This is very easy to make with the knife. Also I put a shadow behind the big tree as I felt it needed it.
Overall a super episode of you want to paint something different.
I really recommend to varnish it because the contrast reduces one the oils dry.
This is oils on canvas panel 16 x 20 in (40 x 50 cm)



I really love this version of yours Tom! Soooooo gorgeous.It looks quite real (all your paintings have a lot of realism. I want to get this good! 😬).

I agree about the floating trees. It looks so much better your way. If you don't mind, when I paint this one, I will take that element from you since it bothers me as well.

I hope you hung this one on one of your walls. It's so strikingly beautiful.

Feel better Tom! Sending you lots of great healing energy you way. Fight this like a champ so you can come back to "painting beast mode" ASAP!

Thanks a lot Nancy. Nothing serious just some seasonal virus. I hope to be back next week with new paintings!
I always aim to paint realistic, even often I love paintings with odd colors, but you will do your way too. It is all a matter of practice and time you have to spend to practice.
Yet I didn't hang it up. It is still in the drying phase, I give my paintings at least 8 months to dry and then I put a coat of varnish on.
And no problem if you want to do your version in a similar way at all. Every painting is still different, they may look similar but never be the same.

Love this version, the tent is such a cool addition!

Thanks Marc. Bob would say it that way: I think this is a perfect place for a tent!

Very cool Version . Super as all of your paintings i see until yet 👍🏼😎gute Besserung

Many thanks Dirk! Glad that you like my work. I will try to come back as soon as possible. 😀

I like this painting even better than Bob’s version. The modifications that you did to it really improve the overall painting. I really like the tent and the shadows. I think Bob would totally approve.

Hey Tom some words in german unter uns, mag deine Arbeit sehr , extrem gut. Selten so gut gesehen, wirklich. Ich halte meine Kommentare etwas kurz weil ich finde es extrem viel Lob Hundelei unterwegs . Nervt . Deswegen knapp aber ehrlich 👊🏼😎

Thank you Brian. I think Bob would say: at home you have unlimited time and can put in a lot of details. This came into my mind when I did that episode.
I am really glad that you like it.

Danke vielmals Dirk. Ich freue mich über jedes Kommentar, sei es Lob und oder Tips was man verbessern könnte. Egal ob lang oder kurz. Ich finde Kommentare motivieren weiterzumachen und dadurch sich immer wieder zu verbessern.

Very beautiful, Tom. It feels almost awkward to me when Bob adds the figure in this. Love the addition of the old school tent. I'm surprised Bob didn't put in a tent and comment, "But nobody's home; maybe the camper slipped into the woods to do his business." But you did just a stellar job; I bet this will really pop on a wall.

Thanks so much Chris. I think the main problem for Bob was the time restriction. I am still always wondering what he was able to produce in 25 minutes. I think all I would produce is a happy mess if I only got 25 minutes. 😀

flippergirlpaints Top Event Submitter

Very nice and I also love the tent addition! Bob is always saying how you can add more details than he does because of time restrictions he has. And recently I have seen more Bill Alexander videos, and he says the same thing.

Many thanks Pam. I totally agree with you. I do not always have the mood to think about additions. I mainly want to paint. But sometimes I feel I have a good idea.

Very nice Tom, I can feel the warmth from here! Great shadows too. Get well soon 👍🙏

Thanks a lot Nivek!

Beautiful, I’ll have to try his one. Get well soon!

Thanks a lot Debbie. I can’t wait to see your version of this.


Thank you Coldethel!

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