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Country Time

Ninoum 27 Jan 2023

This is another of the least painted of 2022 from Matt’s list. Only 5 people (including myself) painted it. This is very cool way of doing buildings… by removing/scraping paint off to create shadows and highlights. I really enjoyed it!

Bob refer this scene to St-John River’s buildings in FL. I have been many time to SJR. I actually live 20 mins always. It was such an honor to paint.

I had to add some Spanish moss. It really grows everywhere here, even on buildings!! Next to a lake or River or a swamp, it’s even more predominant. I have put some pictures of my neighbor’s trees to give you a glimpse of it!

I made a huge oval to have more canvas to paint on. So the painting may look weird a little with an over load of nature on the right side.



Really awesome! Love it!

flippergirlpaints Top Event Submitter

This is fantastic! Great buildings and those clouds are terrific. Love the border tree!

Thank you Sandy! 😃

Pam, thank you so much! These buildings were awesome to paint. I really enjoy learning something new! Have you ever tried to scrap off paint in any of your paintings?

Bonjour Nancy, super reflections in the Water. Impressive Buildings. Overall a really Great painting 😎👊🏼happy Weekend

I can’t believe how fast you improved. This is simply great. Everything is done in perfection and leaves me stunning.

Guten morgen mein freund! Thank you so much! 😊 Have a super weekend as well! Are you painting today? Can’t wait to see you next creation!

Thank you so much Tom! I feel like something has “clicked” lately with my painting technique. Glad you noticed! 😊

As soon as I am done from work, I am painting “Winter Woods”. I already watch a couple time Bill’s video to have a better understanding. It’s so funny because this week was the first time I was exposed to the “scrap off paint” technique with Bob on my “daisy delight” and “country time”. This on from Bill is also being done by removing paint to create the art! Love it!! I am really excited about painting my very 1st Bill Alexander! 😃

I can’t wait to see your creation Nancy. I hope that I am back to painting tomorrow.

In german 👊🏼thank you Beauty 😎i‘m still waiting for my Book ( More joy of p……) Indian Summer is on my List , you Know and the Video is in not good Quality . So i want to take the Book and have a look . F…..d me a little bit up., wait for8 Days.,so i trink this Weekend no painting Time . I cook today with Sophie/ tucker music in the air . Like the Bass Sound of their live Sets ( you van See on YouTube if you like)and tomorrow playing table Tennis , to destroy the other Players 😂😂🏓

Dirk, go check my Indian Summer. I put pictures of the painting and instructions. At least, you can prepare yourself better. When the book arrives, you’ll be more ready than ever!

Tom, I’ll keep sending my healing vibes your way so tomorrow is a great day to start painting again! 🤗

Nancy, thank you so much for your support . Unbelievable 👀You‘re really a friend and please check out Sophie Tucker Hope you like the Sound . Sometimes i have trained with 👍🏼😎

Mgiese84 Cleanest Technique In The Game

Very nice Nancy

Thank you Matt!

Always a pleasure to help Dirk! ☺️ I will def check Sophie Tucker today!

Cooking Session over. Everytine so much fun with my selfmade Kiichen knifes . Another Hobby Building Knifes . 😎

Really super painting, the buildings are great and so are the trees but the thing that brings it to life for me is that awesome reflection in the water. Epic 👍

flippergirlpaints Top Event Submitter

Yes Nancy to answer your question I have used the scraping off method many times. I think early on in my painting career I decided to use my knife and scrape off some excess paint and created an effect that I liked. So I kind of accidentally stumbled upon it lol. But now even times I will use some very stiff scrubber type paint brushes with paint thinner on them to remove paint from the canvas and create a highlight type of effect.

Oh wow! So interesting Pam!!!! Did you learn that on your own or you followed a tutorial?

flippergirlpaints Top Event Submitter

Self experimentation, Nancy. Like I said, it started in the beginning when I put waaaaaay to much paint on in a futile effort to get highlights, etc - and scraped off to get a clean "base" using a stiff brush instead of a knife. I had some residue of paint thinner in my brush and it created a nice effect!

just one word.....TERRIFIC!!!!!

Really super!

Pam, I will try the paint thinner technique. I am really curious of the effect! Thank you so much for sharing some of your “secrets”! Much appreciated!

Thank you so much Niv! 😊

Thank you Ben! I appreciate your comment!

Always appreciate your feedback B!!! ☺️

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