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The Old Weathered Barn

Ninoum 30 Jan 2023

I couldn’t resist to paint this one today! Most of you now know that my fav color is orange… I was eying it for a long time, so today was its lucky day. Beautiful autumn colors! This one will go on my living room wall since I have a lot of orange accents in my house.

It was a real blast to paint! Very interesting to do a brown gesso prep. Bob leaves the big gessoed trees to the right untouched. I didn’t like too much the way mine came off so I added some faint highlights on them. It really gave them another dimension.

Here is the link to see 15 of my timelapse paintings. The 1st one is the very 1st painting I have ever made (Distant Mountains). The last one is this one…The old weathered barn. Enjoy!

Oils Acrylics


Ohh my! This is gorgeous In it’s entirety!!

Thank you so much B! ☺️

B… this is the link to 15 of my timelapse:

Bonjour my Friend, the Coulors you choose are really the autumn and the quality of your Painting is incredible .Bob would like it , i‘m sure . This Painting brings Sunshine to me today😎

Simply beautiful Nancy. The cabin, the trees, the bushes and the way the light falls onto them is exactly as it would look if I was standing there on a summer evening, great work 🎨👏👏

Wonderful work Nancy. Did you change something recently in creating your foliage? Other brush? It looks really good.

Bonjour mon ami de l'Allemagne (Hello my friend from Germany)! I don't know if I told you this already... my first language is French. I am from Canada originally (Quebec more precisely. Only official French speaking province in Canada). I move to USA, Florida 22 years ago, by myself to skydive. I don't do it anymore but I felt that FL was my home the day I put feet to the Sunshine state. I am now a proud US citizen.

Thank you so much! I am really glad this can bring you so nice sunshine n your day!

Thank you very much Niv! It would be nice to be there in person to enjoy all of these colors in real!

Thank you so much Tom! I originally had 2 green bushes that looked really off... like fake (right side where the current green bushes are at). So I scraped them off, put a darker bg and reapplied a more natural green on them. Good eye my friend!!

Mgiese84 Cleanest Technique In The Game

Super Nancy

Thank you Matt! 😊

Nice colors harmony Ninoum. You have reds and muted greens that all work well with each other. Great painting!

Only one thing that could get more natural - trees on the left. They are too straight. It is a minor thing though because the rest of bushes and branches are very natural looking.

Hey Nancy , thank you for your trust . Dont know that your Roots are in canada , but i think about french roots 👀so quebec is the answer .Born in Germany nrw its called „Ruhrgebiet „and live still there . Years before i came to the „ Natural“Body Building Life Style , i play table Tennis , american Football and Soccer .Now i go back to my Sport roots , you Know . When I’m not painting or Play 🏓i make Custom Kitchen Knives .selfmade handles with Pine Cones in epoxyd, etc. The Intension to do that came from coocking . I want Good Looking knives but also Sharp like a razorblade . And they are 😁

Nice videos of your paintings Nancy! I noticed that you sometimes wear your glasses and other times not while painting. I do the same. lol

Thank you so much Guayana for pointing out those trees out. It’s an easy fix. But it will make it more natural if there’s some unevenness. 😀

Thanks B! 😊 It depends of the day. Sometime, my eyes are ok without, sometimes not. Aging is not always fun! 😩

And thanks for your trust Dirk! Glad to know you better! Thank you for sharing! 😀

great use of colors! I love the details of the small rocks and the little branches.

flippergirlpaints Top Event Submitter

Fantastic job Nancy! There is sooo much foliage going on but you manage to keep it so individual and distinct! It reminds me of your original from the holiday event. You have mastered that technique for sure! It was fun to watch your time lapses - thanks for posting.

Thank you so much ambtulsacd! 😊 My favorite part to paint are always those little details. They make our paintings more real an pleasing to look at!

Thank you so very much Pam! It looks like I got the memo on that “distinctive foliage technique”! Lol! I love doing bushes, trees, etc. I guess it made it easier to learn it.

You are so welcome about my Timelapse video. I thought you all be interested to see how I do it. I take my time. You can see on some Timelapse’s that it’s bright out and I finish when it’s dark.

this is my favorite Bob painting, so I'm afraid to paint it! But you did an excellent job!

Thank you so much Jessie! Give it a shot and take your time. It took me 6 hours to do it. I wanted to get it right. I enjoyed every single second of it!

Beautiful colors. I love this painting.


Thank you Jenb! Orange is my fav color so this painting was screaming my name for a long time. Glad you like it!

Thank you Coldethel! ☺️

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