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Emerald Waters

Ninoum 13 Feb 2023

Boy was that an interesting way to paint! All fan brush work! I am not great doing everything with but it’s work in progress!

I cheated with my oval brush for my left trees. I was too nervous messing them up. But I grew some confidence for my right side tree. Not perfect but I’ll sleep ok tonight.

I will fix the bark of my right tree after work tonight.


I added little rocks, fixed the bark of my right tree and put highlights on my branches.



Another beautiful painting from you. Honestly, I don’t know how you crank out so many paintings. I’m doing well if I can do a painting every couple of weeks. Great job swinging that fan brush!

Thank you Brian! ☺️ I work part time. It kinda helps to paint a lot!

Amazing, just wiggling with the fanbrush! Did you also use some liquid clear Nancy on the black canvas before the sap green layer?

Very beautiful! The foreground tree is really great. The shading/highlight on it is so real. The little grasses you did are also wonderful. Did you use that "swing your arm in a small circle" to get that effect? Really beautiful. That one area in the midground, next to those two trees that looks like it is going into the forest. Just wow. Really adds some depth and mystery

Thank you so much Jos! It is fun to wiggle the fan brush indeed. 😀

I did add liquid clear. It wakes it much easier to handle but I do wipe off most of it with paper towel.

Thank you so much KAS! I just tried to do what Bob what doing with his brush. Lol! He is using the corner of his fan brush , flick it up and rubs it “with confidence” on the canvas. Sometimes I got the perfect effect, sometimes it looked like a hot mess. I just fix it until it looks ok. So I struggle a little to be honest.

Good Morning Nancy . ☕️What a wonderful painting . Great Scene and you did it perfectly . High Quality . 😎

Really nice nancy! I like how you used the oval brush on the left. Gives some variety to the foliage!

Thank you Dirk! Happy Tuesday! I really didn’t know how this one was going to turn out when I realized it was all fan brush work. The background and the bushes/trees were tricky to get it done like Bob. Still haven’t got the magic touch with it yet but it’s getting there.

Thank you so much Marc! I agree with you. Even tho I “cheated” by not using the fan brush, it add a touch of foliage diversity.

Hey Nancy, that's complaining at a high level. I think it turned out really well👍🏼🇩🇪

HAHAHA!!! Love your sense of humor Dirk! 🙃 Thanks again!

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