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Babbling Brook

Ninoum 19 Feb 2023

I dedicate this painting to my TIB friend Dirk. Thank you for all the amazing support and comments. I really appreciate and value our friendship!

I went for a half oval for this one. Just more canvas to paint on! 🤓

I want do Caylakas’s (Brian) version of this one next weekend.

Oils Acrylics


Good Morning, Bonjour and guten Morgen Beauty ☕️First of all, I love this motif and I painted it twice, you know that. The background reminds me of my version number one . So warm and bright. You did it special with the cut out. Great work. I Love it !Your words and your dedication honor me very much. Unbelievable.. sometimes you feel a connection without ever seeing each other. Thank you for your friendship and support, Nancy. Its an unbelieveble story. Feel hugged

This is lovely Nancy, you've really nailed these Autumnal paintings 😍


Very lovely painting, Ninoum!
The colours are outstanding imho. Great atmosphere.

Which brush have you used for all the foliage?
I still mostly use the oval brush. Too much of a chicken to try with the 1inch or 2inch. LOL!

You couldn’t have said it better Dirk, sometimes we feel a connection without ever seeing each other. It just clicks. That’s totally us! So blessed we met here. Thank you again for everything! Priceless.

This painting is you. It bares your energy. I remember just loving yours so much. I was really looking forward to paint it and honor you with it! I am glad you like it! Have a super day my friend! Sending a big hug your way! 🤗

Thank you Niv! 😊 We i lived in Canada, I used to just love to the max the fall colors and the smell in the air. I guess it transpire in ny paintings. Plus, the orangey colors are my favorites.

Thank you so much Sandy! 😀

Thank you very much Titia! I used a mix of oval and 2”.

I TOTALLY feel you about the 2”. I just started to get the hang of it after 87 paintings behind my belt. I too was too chicken to use it. What I did to get more practice was to do my dark background foliage with it. I don’t know how many times I rewinded Bob’s video to see the angle, the way he holds his brush, the amount of pressure he puts on it and very importantly… how he loads his 2”. Eventually, I got more and more the hang of it.

I was thinking doing an article on that 2” brush technique. I think it could help lots of people. I will include lots of pictures too. What do you think?

Nice work and I like the idea that the river drops of the oval. Well done.

Thank you so much Tom! I thought it could turn out good doing that. I wish the background of my canvas was a little darker. The little creek would have stood out more. But I am happy with it.

You beautified my day Nancy, for sure. Thanks again 🙏

I am glad I did! ☺️

I just added a new picture below the main one. Hope you like my little daisies! They are for you! 😀

Magical Nancy! I Love the daisies😎

flippergirlpaints Top Event Submitter

So beautiful and full of texture! That big tree is terrific!

Super nice

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