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Ocean Breeze

Ninoum 20 Feb 2023

Some fixing to do with my clouds. I spend way too much time on them for “so so” results. I will wait until this one is dry. I have something in mind for that. 😉

I wanted a “frame” for it so I put some painter’s tape on the edges. Again, once it’s dry, I will add a black outline on the borders of the painting. The picture shows a crooked border but it’s perfectly straight in real.

I have some improvement to do on my seascapes. I need to do more of them to get better at them.



the waves are great! love the crashing foam and veins. I didn't care for Bob's clouds in this one, that's why I haven't done it yet. still trying to figure out a way to make them better for me. maybe I'll just make it a nighttime scene

@Shadowlink: for clouds to look fluffy the key is to squint the eyes when adding shadows and highlights. Both are not very far in value compare to the sky unless the clouds are very thick clouds/stormy clouds. if you attempt to get three values in the cloud in the beginning : main body>shadow>highlight and only then blend gently in between it will create much better clouds than in any of BR paintings.
Most of the time shadows are purple-gray and highlights are not pure white but rather milk color at its lightest point.

Hey my Friend , i never did a seascape until yet but i think the Waves and Foam are really cool . Great Shape and structure ,excellent.The clouds are a little bit big for my eyes . Good work Nancy 👍🏼

Jessie, I couldn't agree more! think Bob has too much sky & clouds in this one. In the book, they look much better. I am still learning on how to be good at them (as you can see). "If there's a secret to painting, it's practice", like Bob would say!

I But I figured out how to handle my filbert better for my wave foam highlight. So I learned something.

Thank you for sharing that great info Sunnylady!!! I am taking a screenshot of your message for future paintings with fluffy clouds!

Thank you Dirk! I totally agree with you about the clouds. I decided not to paint today but try to fix my sky instead. I will def reduce the size of some of them and improve the outcome of my sky.

Nice job Nancy - please post the updated version when you are done tweaking :)

You will Rock it , i‘m sure !

Tony, it’s ready to view. I just finished. Better but still would need a little tweaking. I will have to redo this one at some point when I gain more experience with seascapes & skies!

I appreciate your support Dirk! i think it’s better. Tho, not where I’d like it to look like. I have to move on. Can’t keep spending hours on fixing it. I learned lots in this one! 😀

If I paint and I notice something doesn't fit, I stop and catch from the beginning. If something bothers me, it will also bother me with the finished picture. That doesn't make sense. Sometimes annoying but happens. No matter what level you have, no matter how good you are, it happens.

I am the same my friend. Those clouds bothered me from the beginning. But after spending almost 2 hours just on that part yesterday, I decided to move on and finish the painting. I knew I would have to rework the sky. I didn’t mention this but my white is super dry. I didn’t thin it down and I should have. The outcome would have been much better. I was fighting with it and my clouds kept getting bigger and thicker in layer of paint. So I learned that having a very dry paint for clouds is probably not the best way to make amazing clouds. And I should have used my fan brush not the 1” that Bob has us using.

Complete understanding of this.. My problem with the clouds was always too long to stay in one place. I have to force myself to move faster. Makes me Crazy somtimes .The other thing is to take as little basic color of the sky as possible and to push in as hard as possible..The last thing is, when there are big clouds, i just leave space where I want them and i use ever a little bit of liquid white .I always start as small as possible with clouds because I often choose very small formats and otherwise get too big too quickly. Only my experience so far, Nancy .you are the much better Artist you Know what to do

I appreciate all the tips you just gave me! Thank you! I will take a screenshot of your message.

Fun fact… Here in Florida, we have massive clouds just like in my painting and even bigger specially in the summer time. They grow like mega towers in the sky. I never saw such beautifulmonsters before I moved down here.

Interesting, sometimes when I drive to work and stand in a traffic jam, I look at the sky and the cloud formations and often they look crazy and artificial. As Bill said, a cloud is a cloud, stormy, windy fluffy or flat😁😎

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