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Twilight Beauty

TonyM 10 Dec 2022

12/10/22 - Twilight Beauty (version 2, s27e1)

Decided to paint a snow picture for the 4th consecutive time. This is the 2nd version of this painting I have done. I have attached a picture of first version (my 28th painting). I really like the way to snow turned out.

My biggest issue that I had painting this one is the exact same issue I have every time I use liquid clear on a canvas with a taped border: The liquid clear inevitably seeps under parts of the tape, no matter how nice the tape seems to adhere to the canvas. This causes me to have to touch up the frame after the tape is removed due to the seepage. In this case I opted to paint the entire frame in black again. I messed up a couple of minor spots since I had to repaint the frame freehand with no tape. I think in the future, what I will try is applying the liquid clear to within 1/4" of the tape border instead of right up to the border. Anyone else have this issue?

18x24 canvas. Painting #66 in my awesomely fun Bob Ross experience. (fun fact: 26 of the 66 are original compositions, rest are mainly Bob Ross paintings). Never created a painting in my life before Feb 1, 2022. I am really enjoying the journey.

My standard photography disclaimer: As usual picture quality kinda sucks and the painting is much sharper when looking at it.. Still not good at photographing my paintings. I just can't seem to get the camera to focus correctly.

As always, constructive comments/feedback are welcome and appreciated. Thanks for looking, I appreciate you all.



You know, applying the liquid clear in such a way that it doesn't touch the tape might work. In the early seasons, Bob didn't even have liquid clear at all. Using liquid clear is largely a matter convenience because applying thick paints over an entire canvas can really wear out your wrist. If you just put liquid clear in the center, and had normal oil paints covering the last half inch around the rim, that might work.

Normally, the only shape other than a rectangle I'm interested in painting is an oval, and for that i just buy oval canvases.

As for the painting itself. I really like your sky. It's very soft and vibrant at the same time.

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