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A Pretty Autumn Day

TonyM 17 Jan 2023

1/15/2023 A Pretty Autumn Day #1 - s24e5

I chose this painting because of a brown mountain, colorful and it is on a black canvas. Every black canvas I have painted so far had a good amount of bleed under the masking tape, which leads to a lot of touchups. I also wanted to try out a masked frame, but I can try that on any painting.

Well, I had many problems with his painting. I tried 2 times to paint the mountain with the sun shining from the left and failed miserably both times. In each case, I immediately brushed thinner over the completed mountains and scrubbed the canvas. I used paper towels to wipe the canvas clean down to the gesso layer, waited 10 minutes and started again.

This was my third attempt. I painted the mountain with sun coming from the right this time and used way smaller rolls of paint on the edge of the pallet knife than I normally do. I like the way the mountain came out this time.

At this point, I am looking at the painted top half of the painting before proceeding to the bottom half and I notice that something about the masked frame looks off. I quickly realized that I mis-measured the taping point at the top of the frame, making the frame lopsided to the right on the top - DOH!!!!!!!!!

Well now this painting is shot but I decide to continue anyways to get some good practice on my foreground. I played with a few colors here just because it is my world :)

OK, so now it is time to take off the making tape and because of the washing twice of the canvas, I had an ungodly amount of bleed under. I used black gesso to touch up the entire border by hand, trying to follow the straight lines. Hence, I was not able to judge my different way to paint liquid clear to prevent bleed under.

In the end, I decided to keep this painting, more for the framing accident than anything else. I will paint another version immediately, but I will paint in in landscape orientation as opposed to portrait orientation.

18x24 canvas. Painting #73 in my awesomely fun Bob Ross experience. (fun fact: 28 of these are original compositions, rest are mainly Bob Ross paintings). Never created a painting in my life before Feb 1, 2022. I am really enjoying the journey.


I think the highlights on the mountains are very good, and I like the black border shape you did.

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