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Towering Peaks

TonyM 21 Feb 2022

Towering Peaks (s10e1) - Version 2 [Lifetime painting #8]:

Feel free to add any comments that you feel will help me out and please be honest in your assessment. That is the only way I will get better. I have no illusions as to where I stand as a painter at the present time. I know I am way way down looking up at the light. We’ll just take it one ladder rung at a time 🙂 Happy painting everyone. Make someone smile today 🙂

Not much commentary by me here. Big improvement from version 1. I take horrible pictures. I am trying to figure out best camera settings. Painting actually looks much better than pic. Better separation of foliage in this version. Mountains are still a real challenge. Undecided if I will paints a 3rd version of this one.

Note: I will be adding a few photos of this painting to compare camera settings. Looking at ways to improve my pictures.



Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

I understand your unhappiness with pictures, I have the same problem and I guess we are not the only ones to see a lot of value and resolution go with a photograph.

This version has quite a lot improved. Clouds and mountains do make a stand and your foliage of trees and bushes is just superb, with its shapes and great colourful harmony.
Maybe your path could've used some white in that brown to make it stand out a little more.

in all, great work Tony! 👍

Your clouds and mountain and distant hills are wonderful. very nice work to push them into distance!

for foliage - please think about light direction; it contradicts with what is on mountain. Foliage is lit from the front while the mountain is lit from the right.
This version foliage is way better than previous due to nice variety of color and brush strokes and preservation of dark areas.

Anyway I would suggest not to worry till you get hand on behavior of your painting materials. (practically maybe 20 more paintings) and then you can start checking and trying other artists from online - this will help just not to get confused from variety of the techniques in the beginning.

Couple names from You tube:
Alexanderart channel
Kevin Hill

At this stage paintings from Bob Ross will be taking 3-4 hours, sometimes more. This is fine as you are building a foundation to love to paint. Other artists may take longer and it is quite exhausting to paint 6 hours in the beginning. So what i am trying to tell - build it on little by little.

You are on a good path!

Thank You Voy and Sunny. This is great feedback :) You nailed it on the time Sunny - about 5ish hours. I have not been real concerned about the direction of the sun so far, just concentrating on shapes, depth, composition, and colors.

3D shapes comes from understanding of the light. This is like if you draw an egg, but till you put shadow and highlight in place it is not dimensional. But as you said - one step at a time. Go with your own speed. At this stage it is more important to manage the materials and understand limitations of them and limitations of your patience.

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