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Warm Summer Day

TitiaD 06 Mar 2023

"Warm Summer Day"
February 28, 2023
Oil on canvas

Bob's version has another tree almost in the middle of the painting and a bunch of bushes on the left. I plopped in a big tree on the left side instead. 😂
Made all foliage with the 1-inch brush.

My mother and I both painted this. It was her first time trying to use the wet-on-wet technique.
We used the book version of this scene, along with the episode video.
We had a lot of fun together. 🥰



Do you mind me asking how you go about painting shadows? Do you highlight the grass and then paint over that with dark paint to make shadows? And what's your general thought process about how to create good shadows?

Nice job Titia. My eyes are immediately drawn to the fabulous foreground.

Most of the time I use a pretty dark base colour, even on those parts that should eventually become light. I then take a slightly lighter colour, often more to the blueish side or even nearly pure blue, and put that over the dark colour for the shadows.
And then I highlight other parts with various tints of lighter colours.

Now when I do not like a certain part I go back over with a darker colour again.
But for some reason I like it better when going from dark to light when making shadows and highlights.

Also, for the direction of the shadows, I often have a pretty good idea of where the sun is, so the shadows go away from the sun. Like in this painting the sun is on the right, so the shadows go to the left.
Keeping this in mind helps me when painting shadows on both trees/rocks and the ground.

Thank you TonyM.
I'm quite satisfied with the foreground myself.
At first it felt like I was making a mess with the paint knife, but giving it some more love made it look much better.

This is a very beautiful painting Titia. Fabulous. Cheers

Really beautiful painting and the foreground is my favorite part!

Mgiese84 Cleanest Technique In The Game

Great job!

flippergirlpaints Top Event Submitter

I love those moss covered rocks in your foreground!

Thank you , DaveJ, paintingblondie, Mgiese84 and flippergirlpaints! <3

I also like how the foreground ended up.
At first it looked like it was going to be a random mess, with only the knife strokes for the rocks, but then it all came together when I added the different colours of moss and the shadows cast by the trees.

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