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Dave Jordan
Bargara, Queensland, Australia
Member for 3 years

Became enraptured with Bob Ross TV series rerun during the 2020 covid lockdown, so thought -- "If anything would ever induce me to take up oil painting, this will." It did. So I came into the painting world through the Bob Ross door and have subsequently branched into photo-realism painting with the Michael Smith. via michaeljamessmithtv tutorials and his painting group challenges; and more recently also branching into watercolours - especially line and wash.

I am thoroughly enjoying the learning assistance provided by the 2"B material and the camaraderie and mentoring by members of this site. Thank you everyone for this and greatly enriching and making my painting experience so much more enjoyable.

I am contactable via the following e-mail address if you wish to contact me. Enjoy, cheers, Dave.

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