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Deep Forest Lake

dracula 28 Jul 2019
Deep Forest Lake

If I could go back to the beginning, I would have made sure to get more blue into the sky during the first step and I would have made the center tree a little skinnier, but overall this was fun and interesting, particularly the combination of the black gesso area along with white area.


I like your version better than the original, I like the morning feel from the colors of the sky.

I'm not sure if it was your intention, but I like the atmosphere you've created. That centre tree leaning forward over the dark water is a little bit eerie. Makes me imagine how it would look late at night. Funny how we all see something different isn't it.

dracula Power Painter

I think you've seen through to a piece of my personality! Rather than trying to make it eerie intentionally, I'm pretty sure that's my baseline. I do my best to make these paintings as un-spooky as I can. It's an uphill battle :)

If it feels natural then it's your style, don't fight it. I know what you mean though, I worry about mine all looking the same, but at least we're not painting numerous portraits of women with their eyes stuck to the side of their heads. I don't know about you but I haven't even been close to cutting my ear off!

lightsnow Community Helper

This looks like a place I'd like to go spend time in and clear my mind. Very well done!

dracula Power Painter

Thank you! I enjoy thinking about what it would be like to actually spend time in these landscapes.

Check out Jesse Barnes, I think you will love this artist.

dracula Power Painter

Oh wow! You weren't kidding. He made some really spectacular paintings. I love the lighting he achieves.

I just love this, it looks so much like an old masters painting. The atmosphere and level of detail is compositionally strong!

this is a very beautiful painting,all the details good work!

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