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Rivers Peace

dracula 07 Mar 2020

I think, generally speaking, I prefer the tackiness and "drag" of the liquid clear over the smooth blending of the liquid white. This painting has regions of both. In the book version of this painting, the sky has more color modulation and texture; I tried to lean more in that direction.


lightsnow Community Helper

This is one of my all time favorite Ross paintings and I must say, I think you really outdid yourself with this one! This is now my favorite painting on this site. I've always wanted to give this one a shot. I really love the lighting you have going in the background on the grass where the sunlight would presumably hit. Any advice? Amazing work as usual, but a little bit MORE amazing this time around!

dracula Power Painter

Wow, thanks @lightsnow, I appreciate your kind words and am glad you enjoy the painting. This is a fun one; you should definitely try it! I think part of what makes this episode special is the somewhat unusual color combinations. I would suggest trying to take advantage and embrace the palette. Also, take time to consider the position of the background trees and plan ahead a little bit for that foreground tree. Good luck, I can't wait to see your version!

lightsnow Community Helper

Your last point is precisely what went through my mind when I watched this episode again a few days ago. Bob paints a nice autumn tree and then just covers it with the one up front! I was thinking, if I try this one, I'd position the background tree elsewhere so we could still see it after the painting is complete!

Foreground trees are so real. In my opinion ,it must be using more white on the wáter,but it only my thought. Everything up to you.

Was this done on black canvas or a white canvas? It's so haunting and calming at the same time

dracula Power Painter

@Jbay2020, This painting is interesting because it uses black gesso on part of the painting and the other part is left white. As you can probably tell, the bottom and center of the painting started dark and the light parts in the sky were white. THEN, Liquid White is applied to the light parts and Liquid Clear to the dark parts which really expands the dynamic range of tones in the painting. I remember it being a bit more work than usual, but I feel the result was worth the effort.

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