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Secluded Mountain

Ninoum 13 Mar 2023

This one reminds me a lot of “mountain ridge lake” (S23E3). I love those mountains where the evergreens climb them up. So pretty. So I pulled the paint up on some of the shade of greens on the mountain to give the impression of lots of far far away evergreens.

I made my grass area more messy and longer. I have been that more lately on those grassy areas. Look more natural.

Just wanted to work on mountains again. The 2 layers of gesso prep is miraculous for the mountains.

🚨 Updated painting 🚨

Looking at it again this morning, 2 things bothered me so I fixed them…
1) the reflection of the farthest big rock on the left peninsula was way to big/low & the reflection of the peninsula itself. I minimized both of them. I like it better now.

2) The reflection of my evergreens line was washed away when I brushed the edges to create a sheen/water line with my fan brush. I also had to fix that. I went back with my knife to make my water lines instead.



Good Morning/ Bonjour ☕️Little painting mashine 😎the Rocks , Hills and Mountains are super .I also like the airy leafy of the trees. Great.I Hope you have a nice day,not as much rain, cold and storm as here.

Nice pic and great mountains!

Super painting! Love the rocks and trees!

Great scene!

Happy Monday my friend! Thank you! 😀

We have a similar weather report except, it’s warm here. We just had our time change (daylight saving crap! Lol!) so it’s a little more challenging to get up this morning. The weather doesn’t help either. No sure I will be painting today. If I do, it will be a small size. Haben Sie einen super Tag!

Thank you Jos! 😀

Thank you my dear Sandy! 😊 I enjoy painting both of those elements. One ce you learn there’s no right or wrong to make the, only where the light will hit, they become so much fun!

Those scenes are awesome. Aren’t they?!! 😃 The different shade of greens make the painting very attractive and special. Thanks to Bob!

Another great job Nancy - everything looks awesome.

Thank you Tony! I have updated it. Check out what I changed and let me know what you think. 😊

Big improvement on the reflection Nancy. I like the updated version better for sure :)

Thanks for your feedback Tony! 😃

Again a very good one, Ninoum.
Loving the mountains. (I also like those with greenery going up the slopes)
I also like your more messy grass. Looks more natural that way.

I think I'll name you Nancy,the queen of Autumn! Another spectacularly beautiful painting, great mountains,the autumn colours in your left trees are awesome and the sky is so real. Great job 😁

Thank you very much Titia! I like the well clean cut grass but I don't think it's how nature grooms its grassy areas. Glad to see I am not the only one thinking this way! 😀

Thank you so much Niv!! Painting autumn scene is magical to me. I love colors and that season offers that opportunity to the max.

For my sky, I think I found the way to finally have more success with my clouds... Very thin layer of liquid white, therefore, I wont have to put that much blue to get a nice blue hued sky. So when I apply my white (I used a white more oily that Bob's otherwise the paint doesn't move and gets too thick where I first apply my first few circular strokes), I don't get my white so contaminated with my blue where I would have to constantly reload my brush of white paint. In other words, I try to keep my sky/clouds very thin. It seems to work well. Plus I just started to double prime my canvas of gesso and help tremendously. So sorry for this long message! Lol!!

Nicely done Nancy, Nice to see that the waterlines are more subdued in this one :)

Thank you Tom! It was killing me. A fixing was necessary! Lol!! 😅

Great stuff Nancy, here's a little trick I use for skys. No liquid white on canvas, just a touch on the paintbrush itself,as needed, when adding paint. Takes some practice but can get nice results. Try it on an old used canvas 😁

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