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Crimson Tide

buzzram 23 Jun 2023

this is my first painting ever, it ended up pretty different form the Bob's one because I couldn't make the sky I think I put too much liquid clear or used too little paint in the sky and it blended to this lighter blue so I added some more normal clouds with some crimson on the bottom to have some sunset color. Then i wasn't liking the rock highlights so I decided to just put some grass on it. I will never be completely satisfied but I think it came out pretty good for being the first time i paint. Any tips for making the sky the way Bob did without it blending away immediately?



Hi Buzzram (see my topic on user names 😉) Welcome to TIB , This is a solid start for a first ever painting...Well done!...... Stick with it and keep developing those skills

thank you for your ecouragement

Good job

Good job

welcome to TIB! I really liked your version of Majestic Pine btw.
I wanted to give my 2 cents on your questions about the sky: Pthalo blue is so much stronger than the crimson that I think while blending, the blue ate up all your red. Happens quite easily, so my tip is to try mixing the color on the pallet and testing it before applying the base color.
Start with crimson, and add tiny amounts of blue and mix well. Pure crimson could be used at the horizon, and then use the purple mix above that, and then only apply pure blue at the tippy top.
When applying the base layer of colors, try not to bring the blue down at all, but instead bring the crimson up to meet it.
My last tip is save the dark areas of the sky. When adding your white, start your swirls in the center of the canvas and work out. Try only doing 4 or 5 "arms", sort of like a peacock's tail that go from center to top. If you get any blue on your brush at all, wash it and start in the center with pure white again.
Once you've got the basic structure of swirls you can fiddle with it and fill it in slightly, while preserving dark spots here and there. Hope this helps, good luck and most of all keep having fun!

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