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The Old Mill

Ninoum 10 Jul 2023

I decided to do this one after seeing the beautiful version of Cynthia aka “VangoshISH”. Thank you for the inspiration & motivation!

I made this one on a 22”x28”. I found this cute watermill online and decided to use that one instead of Bob’s. This is by far the longest painting I have ever attempted… 3 days!!!! 😱🤯

I added floral planters underneath the windows with some geranium in them. I have included a picture of the watermill I got inspired by. I tried to integrate the foliage of Kevin for the trees in front of the mill. My shadowing Vs. lighting didn’t come out the way I wanted in that part of the painting. Oh well! 🤷🏻‍♀️

⚠️ Just added a picture from daylight lighting. The colors are much more vibrant!



First of all it is a beautiful work as always from you. To be honest I am not surprised this took you 3 days. The amount of details you put in there needs some time. I did several paintings with a similar amount of details in watercolor. My longest even took me 3 weeks to finish it :)
I love the flowers blow the windows. They are a super detail and remind me on my parents house. My mom still puts them up every year :)

Oh my N! Amazing. I knew that something was on the way from you soon. Simply amazing!

Beautiful Nancy!

One of the best I've ever seen. Absolutely great 👍🏼🇩🇪

Thank you very much Tom! I am glad you get my slow painting skill! Lol! I just wanted to get this right. Plus a huge size like this made it a lot longer. Happy to know it wasn’t a “turtle speed” record! 🐢 😅

Thank you bunches my B!! 🥰 Funny you are saying this. In my description, I wanted to let you guys know that I was sorry that I wasn’t as présent here on TIB the past few days due to this big project. You totally got why! 🙌🏼

Thank you much Tomi! 😊

Thank you my friend! 🇩🇪😃 That means lots!

Another gorgeous job with exquisite detail!

Awww! Thank you Sandy! 😊☀️

really good!

Thank you Jessie! 😊

This is so good and nicely done that i cant stop looking at every little detail you have done here. Superb work!!

Unreal....super cool painting Nancy, your buildings are always stunning but the way you have painted the dry stone wall is awesome, so real I can almost feel the soft silky moss that's growing on the rough surfaces and the way the light plays on the creeper on one side but then the equally stunning shadows on the other is beautiful. Fantastic work 🙏

Pietro1963 Master of Monsters

Nancy Nancy..such a gorgeous scene is this.I could write a book on it..I gotta go take my pizza out of the oven,or I would.Cheers,P




Thank you very much Jim! Glad you enjoy the little details. Take note of them and implement them in your paintings! 😀

Awwww! 🥹 Thank you Niv! You made my day! The stones wall was a lot easier than I thought. It’s hard to explain but easy to do. So happy you saw my little moss! 😃 On picture, it’s not as obvious as the painting in real.

Love you humor P!!! 😁😁😁 Thank you bunches!! 🤗

Thank you Cold and HLarson! I appreciate both of your comments! 😊

OH MY Nancy - this is fantastic.

I somehow managed to miss this one...
It is gorgeous! <3

This actually made me look up information on watermills. LOL!
Bob made this one a so-called undershot mill, where the wheel is placed in water that is flowing by without much height difference. So the bottom of the wheel is placed in the water.
Bob also once made a so-called overshot mill, Old Country Mill, S17E10, where water comes from above, falling onto the wheel and thus making it turn. (the mill in the reference pic is also an overshot mill)
And then there's also a so-called breastshot mill.
(This is me nerding, feel free to ignore. LOL)

I happens to me too often to miss one from one of you all. 😉

Thank you very much Titia! 🥰 Funny you are explaining this because I was actually wondering how it works. I could understand how the overshot mill works but not this one. Thank you for shedding some light on this! I have to check out the breastshot mill. You got me intrigued! 😁

I found the information on Wikipedia (I typed water wheel in Google). The page had some nice clear illustrations.

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