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Autumn Exhibition

dracula 07 Dec 2019

In the book, the sky in the final painting is very light. It comes through as such a subtle peach color, with delicate modulations of crimson and lavender. It may be a shortcoming of the printing, but I liked it and tried to capture that feel here.


I really like this theres a level of realism the shadows add that's very nice. I have noticed you mention a book couple times. Which book is it if you dont mind my asking?

Beautiful as all your paintings Dracula, the realism that you have achieved is really good, well done, keep it up.

dracula Power Painter

Thank you both, I appreciate it! I wasn't so sure about this one when I picked it, but I'm glad I gave it a try.

@Kelsith - Ah, yes of course, the books: so, the Bob Ross company prints an instructional book for each season of the Joy of Painting. The books each give an overview of basic techniques and then go into step-by-step instructions for each painting you see in the show. The books are largely in black & white except for a full page color plate of each finished painting.

These color plates are usually a little more refined and detailed than what you see on the television program. It turns out, each painting on the Joy of Painting was done three times:

1. An initial reference painting (which is what you sometimes see Bob looking at off-camera) that has the basic layout and composition ironed out.

2. The painting you see happen in real-time (in 27 minutes!) on the Joy of Painting TV show.

3. A more detailed rendition done more slowly and photographed at each step in the process. This is what's used in the books.

I initially started using the books so I could watch old horror movies while I paint (which is my thing), but now I find I prefer them generally. I recommend giving it a try!

Hope that helps!

Dracula, it is amazing painting you've done! I see you have changed the way you do highlights on the trees in the couple of recent ones. Do you like it more?

dracula Power Painter

@SunnyLady: Thank you, you're very kind! I have definitely been experimenting with different ways to paint trees. I have been spending time looking at trees when I'm out and trying to find key aspects that I can render to add better readability and recognizability. I can't say I like the latest tree techniques much more; I still feel like there's too much mud-slinging, but I hope that I am moving (albeit slowly) in the right direction.

You know I also look at the trees and they keep surprising me how unpredictable branches can be and where light is versus where I think I would paint and how they grow and how crooked they can be. I think I need tree workshop outside of my painting room and draw trees in my community at least with pencil to understand lights and shadows.

dracula Power Painter

I think that is a brilliant idea! I shall follow suit and do the same!

Beautiful trees again Dracula. The light showing through the top of the trees and the subtle over-shadow area on the path between the trees is very realistic. I would be well proud of this painting.

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