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Island Paradise

lightsnow 09 Dec 2019

This was my 27th painting. I had been trying to motivate myself to make this one for a number of months now. I did my other seascape before as a practice one to get a hang of how to make the breaking wave. This one was going to be a Christmas gift for my in-laws, so I tried to put a lot of effort into it, and purchased a higher quality canvas. Overall, this took me 2.5 hours from start to finish. I took some liberties with the sky and had a lot of fun. I still found the wave to be difficult to create, particularly adding all the foam patterns and making them fall at a realistic angle. Overall, the most difficult thing for me is still envisioning realistic angles and perspective, and planning out the painting. For example, you can see that my wave touched the brown at the bottom that was intended to be the sand. In the end, I'm also glad I passed the bravery test and smashed in some palm trees at the very end despite not knowing how to make a pine tree. I think my in-laws will be pleased with this one. 18x24


dracula Power Painter

Wow, I agree, your in-laws are likely to be very pleased. The colors and motion and details all come together into a perfectly idyllic seascape. Good work -- you're on a roll!

I love your wave! You did wonderful masterpiece! There is show in 5th season called "Anatomy of wave" in joy of painting , check it out. There is a wonderful artist who gives a detailed explanation about angles. She specialized in seascapes and they are wonderful. I am thinking to buy a little reproduction of her painting if they are still available, but some DVDs are available according to the website. You'll be amazed at her works!

lightsnow Community Helper

@dracula - thanks very much! I almost went back and changed part of that wave as I didn't really like the foam on the left but, after consulting with my brother, he didn't see what I saw and recommended I not touch it. It's happened in the past that I've gone back to fix something I thought was wrong and ended up making it worse (haha), so I left it.

@Sunnylady - I have seen this episode and it was a good one. Joyce Ortner? I remember her paintings being fantastic. If I make another seascape, I will definitely try out Joyce's method!

Joyce Ortner - yes it is her. For me what I found challenging for the waves - foam, angles and deep sea waves highlight (meaning almost everything about the wave is challenging). I am thinking to do one more seascape as I have one canvas left, however size there is unusual, so I think seascape will be perfect there. I will need more planning though.

I enjoy your painting!

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