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Meadow Lake

ironsoap 04 Feb 2019
Meadow Lake

My wife did her first Bob Ross painting while I did this one. It was enlightening to see someone else coming up five or six months behind me, struggling with a lot of the same things I did. I'm obviously still not particularly good with the palette knife, but even being able to give a few pointers to her made me realize I have learned a couple things at least. It was really fun to paint with someone else. I don't know this was a subject I would have picked necessarily, but I realized as I was going that I was familiar enough with the techniques that I could branch out a bit and make the painting my own. It helped to have distinction not only from Bob's sample, but my wife's as well so our paintings really were our own.


Looks awesome, the middle ground looks great

Great Job! Your trees and mountains compliment eachother. I would be curious to see your wife's version along side yours! :)

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