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Crimson Tide

ironsoap 23 Feb 2019

I didn't have any actual liquid clear but I really wanted to try this. I found someone suggest online that a 50/50 mixture of linseed oil and paint thinner might make an acceptable substitute. Turns out that's way too much thinner (I think linseed oil alone probably would have worked better, or maybe more like 80/20 at most). I tried wiping as much off as I could and it still thinned the paint out to the point that it was quite difficult to work with.

Still, I don't hate the results. I wasn't as successful with the primary wave as I was with my last seascape, and a lot of it got covered up with my rock formation (you can see the scoop in the lower right hand side of it as I realized I hadn't started close enough to the edge of the canvas). But the rock itself came out okay, I just had to abandon the fan brush and go with a filbert instead to get it to have the form and texture I was happy with.

I didn't like the windswept evergreen Bob painted so i went with a more Monterey/Carmel-by-the-Sea feel and tried my hand at a cypress tree. I think it's probably the best part of the painting.

Overall, not my most successful effort but I did notice that I'm getting more comfortable making the paintings my own and diverging from Bob's concepts and samples as my confidence grows. Might try this one again some time after I have a few more under my belt. It was good practice on the black canvas.


Felix Creator of

The tree is really fantastic. You've inspired me to try my hand at a seascape painting too!

I use straight linseed oil when liquid clear is called for. It doesn't thin the paint too much, just helps it move. The tree is fantastic btw. 👍

I love the tree that you made. Looks like that should have been the type of tree in the original painting. I also really like the sky. Though not the same as the original, it is not bad. I think that the orange color looks very nice. As for what you could improve, I think that if you made a lesser angle on the wave, just making it a lot more relaxed, then it may have turned out better.

I love your use of light: the glowing sky shines through your lovely tree, bringing to life. Your solid rocks (beautiful highlights) contrast perfectly with the light turbulent waves. I also love how you play with the dark beach and the light on the water breaking on the sands.

Its really stunning....doesnt look like you struggled with it at all

I love the sky nice one by the way you've done the rocks in the trees I started off with spray paints just have to lock down started but now I'm on oil saw some do it in Majorca

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