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Ocean Sunrise

Voy Kay 24 Jan 2020

Had a 9 hours night sleep behind me so was not really exhausted anymore but also not awake when I started this. But after the first coffee of the day ... I went into fifth gear! This is a fairly easy painting and most difficulties come from the sky blending and stroking the liner brush fluently. Now I do have a more or less fluent style (forehand, not backhand!) but my script liner really sucks. It split about a week ago and leaves me with agony most of the times. With a lot of patience, I did manage to get some result on the canvas, although less thinner then I would have liked. The sand was really fun to do. I created my own mix of liquid black (See the article about this!) and just enjoyed brushing in liquid, lavender and a touch of titanium white in it. Next to the sky, I am very pleased with the sand. Canvas used was a 12"x16" and this was painted in some two hours time, cleaning and a coffee included. I highly recommend this one to you all, please enjoy!

Featured Article How to make liquid black.


Nice reflections! I like sun walk in the water that is put on the golden carpet. Also very interesting how you connected sun walk to people path to the beach. It looks like sun just came to the work using these 2 paths combined.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

True Sunnylady, that path in the sand was intensionally highlighted more near the water to take over the path of the sun on the water. So glad you noticed this and liked it!!

I love this painting, keep going!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Hahaha, thanks Patoex, these hidden beauties in the earlier series keep my motivation high. I never used liquid black before but I am stunned with the dazzling results it can give!

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