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Contemplative Lady

Romain 28 Feb 2020

Still into portraits since Felix gave me a reputation to hold. :) Here is one that may interest you as I still use the same strategy that John Thamm shows in the video. I probably should try it for landscapes too as he suggests it to Bob, later.

The painting itself took me 4 hours or so and still is on a 30x40cm cardboard canvas (I will change soon, because of too many defects of this material) primed with black acrylic, and covered with varnish. I only used black, titanium white, yellow ocre, veridian green and phthalo blue. This time, by wiping out a lot the excesses of paint, I finished in a single day. I didn't want to overdo details too, after satisfaction getting the gorilla's fur well done by scrapping with the top of a brush (the additive/substractive effect works so well for that!) .

"The gorilla and the bee" may not be the name of a fable from Jean de la Fontaine, but I wanted to paint this one, inspired by a photo on Pinterest where the bee was in fact a butterfly. I found it more emotional and meaningful since both species are more than endangered.


Wow! Superb! Great inspiration behind! Amazing painting!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Kingkong needed a friend! Naah, just joking, this is one hell of an excellent painting. Such daring/challenging topic. I saw the original (with butterfly) and your version is more to my liking because of its roughness. The wild and restlessness of the gorilla is brought into life with those unsettled brushstrokes. It really looks like in havoc/panic and the bee somehow comforts him; it is not alone being endangered.
I won't grant you a 10 for this talented painting since it deserves an 11 on 10!!

Romain Master of Portraits

Thank you both! :)
I shall paint another of Bob's and our friends portrait with the same technique. This time with white priming and less colors. Less sad, funnier though... Stay tuned!

Your painting is more dramatic in color than the photo! Fur indeed is so nice. Your gorilla is older and wiser for sure, may be even gorilla looks on his little friend with the sorrow of their fate... it is sad but it is so deep...

I've recently discovered my inner appreciation of these amazing creatures, capable of ripping your head off if they feel threatened, they choose to be gentle. I've seen them display a fascination with smaller and more vulnerable creatures including humans. I think your painting shows that brilliantly as I get the sense he is protective of the bee. A healthy respect of the gorilla is required but I would definitely welcome him by my side if I were in a fight with a lion! A lovely and intriguing painting.

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